4 thoughts on “The Alex Jones Patriot

  1. Looks like something is making copies of the tip of the spear.
    Last time I wore that outfit at Wal-Mart.
    I got beat up in the parking lot.
    I going to get them back though.
    I’m going to get a job as door greeter there.
    Then I’m just going to insult customers as they come in…like a bad c room 1 a.m. drunk comic.

    Then see how long it takes for me to get beat up or fired.

    I’ll say things like , your kids are fat and ugly.
    We have a sale on fat and ugly stuff today.
    So take advantage of our ugly bargains.
    Have a nice day.
    and thank you for shopping at Flee-Mart.

  2. Now, this is just a perfect example of what amerika has become.
    Is it a fashion statement, or functional?
    I would go with mental disorder.

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