American activists prepare pushback vs US war with Russia

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The admission this past week by a number of members of the US Congress that the US is, in fact, currently in a war against Russia has provoked a response from some activists in the US, who now seek to force Congress to impeach President Joseph Biden if he refuses to stop the hostilities.

The fact that the US is already at war with Russia was also publicly admitted last Monday by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who said the Biden administration’s goals in the war were not only to protect Ukraine but “to weaken Russia as a military power.” 

That prompted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to state that “NATO, in essence, is engaged in a war with Russia through a proxy and is arming that proxy,” adding “war means war.”

This past Thursday, Biden asked Congress for another $33 Billion in aid to Ukraine to fund another five months of war; this follows the $13.6 Billion Biden requested just two months ago. To put this in perspective, Russia’s annual military budget in 2021 was a total of $65 Billion, nearly 20% less than an annualized $80 Billion of the total earmaked for Ukraine thus far.

Anti-war activist and New York-based journalist Don DeBar is one of the recently-formed group of activists, and he described the effort in an exclusive interview with Press TV.

“This past Friday,” DeBar said, “I sought a meeting with my Congressional representative, Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY, CD-17), pointing out that some members of Congress – his colleagues – have publicly said that the US is at war with Russia, and that ‘we intend to win.’ In my meeting request, I reminded his aide that Russia has strategic and tactical nuclear weapons and they have said if their strategic position is threatened they will use them. Certainly engaging in a war with the goal of regime change – which has been announced a number of times by such as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and others – threatens Russia’s strategic position. I pointed out that there has not been a Congressional declaration of war, nor a Congressional authorization for the use of military force (AUMF), nor a UN Security Council resolution authorizing war with Russia. I reminded him that he has a duty, and has taken an oath, to uphold the Constitution. And I said I would like to discuss this matter with him with respect to Ukraine and Russia. I was told to send the request to Rep. Jones via webform after being told by the receptionists at two of his three Congressional offices that Jones doesn’t take telephone calls from, or return telephone calls to, his constituents.” He said he received a robo-answer at the third office.

DeBar posted the details of the exchange on his blog, beginning with his web message to Jones:

“I would like to discuss the situation in Ukraine, in particular the fact that a number of members of both houses have told the media that we are at war with Russia and that they intend for the US to win that war. Given that there has been no announcement of a declaration of war, nor passage of an AUMF for such a war, nor approval of the UNSC for military action against Russia, I would like to make some suggestions regarding remedies as afforded by the US Constitution and international law, the former of which, at a minimum, you have sworn to uphold.

“Given the urgent and perhaps existential nature of the current situation, I would like to have this conversation immediately.”

He received the following reply from Rep. Jones, via email:

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts about military assistance for Ukraine. I appreciate hearing from engaged community members like you, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

“I unequivocally condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and stand wholeheartedly with the Ukrainian people. President Putin must be held accountable for his unprovoked and unjust war. This war is a flagrant violation of international law and will have devastating human costs while triggering a serious refugee crisis.

“I commend President Biden’s leadership and support his use of severe sanctions and other measures to hold the Russian leadership accountable. In addition to over $1 billion in security assistance the Biden Administration has already authorized for Ukraine thus far, including much needed anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft systems, I was proud to help pass $13.6 billion in the further military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine through the Fiscal Year 2022 federal government funding package.

“While I oppose direct U.S. or NATO military intervention in the war, such as enforcing a no-fly zone, which would be a dangerous escalation between nuclear powers, we will continue to support the Ukrainian people with the aid they need to protect themselves. As we watch this horrific tragedy unfold, the United States and our allies and partners will work closely to end Putin’s war and bring peace to Ukraine.

“Thank you again for sharing your thoughts about this important issue. My office is here to serve you. If you or your family need assistance with federal agencies or in response to COVID-19, please call my office at (914) 323-5550 or visit to learn more about the resources and services available to you. To follow my work in Washington, I urge you to sign-up for my e-newsletter, and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.”

“In essence,” DeBar said, “he said he supports the current US actions and refused to meet – or even talk – with me.”

“But we have already begun organizing,” he said. “And we are going to take this to each of the 435 members of the House of Representatives and make them answer on the record. And then we are going to hold them accountable.”

DeBar said the organizers do not expect any cooperation from anyone in Congress, predicting that the outreach to each member would likely generate the same form letter in reply, “giving, once again, the lie to the claim that the US is a democracy.”

“Most Americans,” he said, “if told the truth, would be revolted at the idea of a war with Russia. So logically, in terms of power politics, the next move would be people power – direct democratic action – as was done with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. Likely, the most effective protest of Congressional complicity in an illegal and absurdly dangerous and pointless war would be to hold a massive rally outside the Capitol with the demand to shut down Congress until it does its duty. You know, like Democrats are advocating people to do outside the Supreme Court right now.”

“Or,” DeBar added, “like the ‘democratic forces’ on Ukraine’s Maidan did to the government of President Viktor Yanukovich when it wouldn’t give them what they wanted.”

“But,” he warned, “in the aftermath of the alleged ‘Insurrection of January 6th’ there is a very real possibility of being prosecuted for insurrection and/or treason, and these carry the death penalty in the land that preaches democracy, rule of law and peace to the rest of the world.”

“Nevertheless,” DeBar said, “we are going ahead with the attempt to contact each member of Congress, no matter where it ultimately takes us. I am hoping that a serious effort will bring at least one member of that House back to reality. And from there, the next move is to introduce a single Article of Impeachment of President Biden for violating the US Constitution and national and international law with the illegal war he is already conducting against Russia, in Ukraine and elsewhere.”

DeBar said that if they are able to accomplish that, “then perhaps we can hold the incumbent Congress accountable in this November’s election. If we are still all here,” adding “after that, we shall see.”

This is the single Article of Impeachment in the Bill of Impeachment the group wants introduced in the House against President Biden, which was drafted by human rights attorney and University of Illinois College of Law Professor of International Law Francis A. Boyle:

That President Biden has committed a series of non-neutral and belligerent acts against the Russian Federation without the express authorization of the United States Congress in violation of the War Powers Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Congress’s own 1973 War Powers Resolution, and the 1907 Hague Convention on Neutrality during Land Warfare to which the United States is a contracting power and is thus “the Supreme Law of the Land” under Article VI of the United States Constitution. The Russian Federation and Ukraine are also contracting parties to this 1907 Hague Convention.

2 thoughts on “American activists prepare pushback vs US war with Russia

  1. It’s all staged BS. Everyone involved is a Zionist tool trying to claim Ukraine as the kahzarian homeland. Israeli cancer spreading.

  2. Imagine any real activists going to the oppressors and begging for help?!! Stockholm Syndrome for sure, and there to make pacifists think they have ethical representation. The word “passive” is hidden in the word “pacifist.” It’s a “Do-nothing-that-would help” kind of mentality. Useless philosophy and aiding the enemy.


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