American People of the American Race – We and They

Well here comes another week of a lot of talk about nothing.  Obama is off on the campaign trail pushing his phony jobs plan, which even his social communist supporters agree will never be passed.  And of course the neo-cons have stepped up in defense of their elitist position as the job creators.

Funny thing, when the neo-cons wanted an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%, we were told we had to do this because they are the jobs creators.  When they call for further cuts in regulations on themselves, while pushing for more regulations on we the people, they are the jobs creators.  Whenever they are pushing for the further transfer of wealth from us to them, they are the jobs creators.  So ask yourself, have they created any jobs or are they still shipping them out of our country? When they are pushing for their interests, which are diametrically opposed to ours, they say we must do it for us.

The corporate elite are desperate to latch on to any identity other than their own because when they are set apart from us, the discrepancy in numbers becomes undeniable and scary.  Everyone must remember that they are they and we are we, and who are they?  They are the international elitists who have based their kingdoms in our country and consider us their property to be used, abused, or simply thrown away at their convenience.

Of course they think our resources automatically become theirs when they address themselves as we.  But then we know better.  It is they that have stolen $30 trillion from we.  It is they who have moved our industry out of our country.  It is they who take our resources to be manufactured by slave labor in their provinces around the world.  And it is we who are going to put a stop to it.

I heard one of these arrogant dirt bags on FOX News say “A one year unemployment extension would only make us reluctant to accept entry level jobs.”  And in truth we should be reluctant.  We have spent three quarters of our working lives building up seniority plus experience and rising to the top of the pay scale, only to have our jobs removed and lose everything we have worked for.  Now they are saying we need to just shut up and accept whatever they are willing to offer.

All of this of course, while they are pushing to end minimum wage and child labor laws.  Ask yourself this, if the corporate elite could have your labor for nothing more than slave fodder would they hesitate?  Hell no, they would not as this in truth is their end goal.  This is that one ultimate thing that will restore their confidence and make them feel secure in exploiting our resources right here in the USA once again.

We must stop the downgrading of the standard of living for the people in the United States.  Every day that they are allowed to go forth unchallenged, they gain more as we lose more.  They, the corporate elite, are our enemy and we need to treat them with the same contempt they do us.  They have our wealth and we have the numbers to take it back and that is the situation in a nutshell.  They know it but they will continue to abuse us until we the people as a whole finally realize our power.  I think we are close when they will go to the trouble to attack a site like From the Trenches and attempt to shut it down.  This shows they are looking hard at us and our numbers.

Well, Bilderbergers, Carlyle Groupies, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the crowned heads of Europe, it would seem you are close to achieving your god-like status as your names are being spoken literally in the streets now, though I do not believe you are being worshiped any more than Satan himself.  And soon your day in the sun will end and you will be returned to the darkness from whence you came.

We will see you punished for your crimes against us and we will have our Republic back under our Constitution, after which we will live in peace and prosperity, taking care to educate our children as to the possibility of your reemergence.  We will make sure they are ready to stomp you out before your lies and duplicity ever get off the ground.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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