American Police Now “Israeli-DHS Trained,” Precursor To Dictatorship

Before It’s News  I guess Ariel Sharon was telling the truth when he said Israel controls America How sickening is that?  Barracuda

Press TV  Slowly, every police department in the United States, at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security, is being trained by Israeli groups.

As part of this training, there is an increased move to use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, illegal surveillance, lying to the people, press and courts and systematic interference in the electoral system.

They are becoming “Israeli.”

The door to this foreign influence in America was thrown open by the Department of Homeland Security and, in particular, Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen who was, in particular, most instrumental as former Director of DHS in implementing policies challenged as unconstitutional, policies the new “Israeli trained” American police are tasked with stopping opposition to.

“Israelization” of American police is a simple process:

– Total militarization of police, military tactics, utter disrespect for civil law, the constitution, civil liberties, freedom of speech and the unbridled growth of centralized power under unlimited corruption; government by money and organized crime.

– Systematic suppression of dissent

– Systematic use of intimidation to control the electoral process at every level of government

– Seamless coordination with military and “internationalist” groups to prepare for mass internment of sectors of the population, numbering in the millions

– Coordinated use of full military power including but not limited to bombing, strafing, heavy artillery and summary executions, the same methods Israel uses on a daily basis

– Even more control of the press, based on the Israeli model, with two “controlled” views, on pro-government and the second, “controlled opposition.”


It is absolutely necessary to differentiate between Israeli companies and those working tied to quasi-governmental organized crime in America. It is also necessary that citizenry, in particular Americans of Jewish background, recognize that a systematic campaign of controlled and revised history and, more seriously, orchestrated “incidents” are coordinated with groups misrepresenting themselves as defending the Jewish people.

These groups, several come to mind, are, in actuality, Israeli “psyops” groups that actually work on an active basis with terrorists. What are we saying?

90% of terrorism, worldwide, including many of the mass killing incidents, all show a pattern of involvement by intelligence organizations. Almost all “terror threats” and “staged announcements” are traced to groups tied directly to the same people who show up at our door with the “cure” to a disease they themselves create.

“While in Abuja, Nigeria, 3 weeks before the attack on the national police station, I met with Chief of Security Gordon Obua, a close friend and told him this:

“We have identified the Headquarters of the National Police as a potential target. It has an unguarded gate and parking facility and is close to the presidential palace. We predict that a car bomb will be exploded there, followed by one other bombing attack.

At these attacks, you will be approached by a security company that will offer you, not only protection by a massive bribe.”

The meeting was in the presidential suite of the Transcon Hilton in Abuja, witnessed by my legal team. The attack as described happened exactly 3 weeks later and the company that came with a suitcase of cash and a promise to turn Abuja, a beautiful city into “Fortress Abuja” is among those now training American police.

The same group is also suspected in the bombing of a Christian Church in Alexandria, Egypt, on January 1, 2011, another car bomb. Similarly, recent bombings in Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania have the same “fingerprints.”

The same group “ran” the Detroit “Crotch Bomber.”

The Israeli handlers who worked with Abdullah Mohamed in Yemen and walking him onto a plane to the US with a bomb, no ticket, no passport and no visa, as witnessed by two Detroit area lawyers, Kurt and Lori Haskell, also train American police.

We see this over and over, police, government and terrorists, all the same thing.

Of course, few Americans are aware that the “spokesman” for the group called “al Qaeda” is actually an American named Adam Perlman whose grandfather helped found the ADL (Anti-Defamation League)

To some, terrorism is a business, and like a tire store that leaves nails in the road nearby, some “counter-terrorism” companies have more experience in building car bombs than finding them.

Why America?

Israeli security companies, primarily made up of active Mossad and former Israeli military members, began working across Africa. Israeli expertise in wiretapping on behalf of ruling parties was what opened the door. Their expertise, as shown in Britain by the Murdoch/News of the World scandals, is excellent.

They were even able to wiretap the 3 prime ministers, members of the royal family, heads of police and national security agencies, key members of legislative bodies and a hand full of celebrities. The equipment for this costs millions, can only be brought into the country by diplomatic pouch and its use is considered espionage as it foments broad unregulated and unauthorized wiretapping, totally unaccountable.

Hundreds of such units are with America police departments, as advised by the Department of Homeland Security, to keep track of group they feel require observation, despite recent court rulings that have overturned FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) as unconstitutional.

Among the groups watched are veteran’s organizations, the Tea Party, Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious groups, labor unions, professional organizations and members of government, police officers and members of Federal law enforcement and anti-drug organizations.

Former American military, even the crippled and maimed, now head every “terror watch list.”


The truth is, America has a long reputation for corrupt police organizations. Every few years there is, in every major city, an investigation with the police commissioner and many senior officers imprisoned.

At one point, Bernie Kerik, nominee for head of the Department of Homeland Security and Police Commissioner of the City of New York had actually served as Minister of the Interior of Iraq under the interim US government that ran that country after the 2003 invasion.

Kerik is in prison, originally charged with 16 felonies, some committed while running Iraq and facing a 142 year sentence and millions in fines. In a plea deal, Kerik is only serving 4 years. Kerik, prior to becoming police commissioner, Minister of the Interior of Iraq and nearly taking over the operation of the largest agency in the United States was New York mayor Rudy Giuliani’s driver.

Every major American city and most smaller departments, and there are thousands, are being “retrained,” not to fight corruption but being armed for civil war, trained to work directly with military personnel to police America in accordance with unpublished policies mistakenly announced by Army head, General Odierno, as published in his article for the Council on Foreign Relations in the May/June edition of Foreign Affairs:

“Where appropriate we will also dedicate active-duty forces, especially those with niche skills and equipment, to provide civilian officials with a robust set of reliable and rapid response options.”

As for the Department of Homeland Security, spearheading the Israeli takeover of America’s police, David Rittgers of the Cato Institute has noted:

“A long line of fusion center and DHS reports labeling broad swaths of the public as a threat to national security. The North Texas Fusion System labeled Muslim lobbyists as a potential threat; a DHS analyst in Wisconsin thought both pro- and anti-abortion activists were worrisome; a Pennsylvania homeland security contractor watched environmental activists, Tea Party groups, and a Second Amendment rally; the Maryland State Police put anti-death penalty and anti-war activists in a federal terrorism database; a fusion center in Missouri thought that all third-party voters and Ron Paul supporters were a threat….”

Wikipedia quotes the following on the quality of management and personnel at DHS, a national scandal in itself:

“In July 2006, the Office of Personnel Management conducted a survey of federal employees in all 36 federal agencies on job satisfaction and how they felt their respective agency was headed. DHS was last or near to last in every category including;

– 33rd on the talent management index

– 35th on the leadership and knowledge management index

– 36th on the job satisfaction index

– 36th on the results-oriented performance culture index

The low scores were attributed to major concerns about basic supervision, management and leadership within the agency. Examples from the survey reveal most concerns are about promotion and pay increase based on merit, dealing with poor performance, rewarding creativity and innovation, leadership generating high levels of motivation in the workforce, recognition for doing a good job, lack of satisfaction with various component policies and procedures and lack of information about what is going on with the organization.”

Creating the perfect police state

The visible face of the totalitarian takeover of America is candidate Mitt Romney, sworn to start a world war for Israel, his backers, Sheldon Adelson, gambling boss of Las Vegas and China, the Koch Brothers and the Israel lobby, said to control America’s congress, certainly 100% of the Republican Party.

Gasoline pricing manipulation through terrorism

Gasoline pricing in the world is run by the Koch Brothers who manage the futures market. Fuel prices are unrelated to oil costs but rather manipulated to serve political interests of two Israeli-American billionaires with extremist views.

During the past two weeks, there have been multiple “accidents” in refineries and with pipelines. These have, in fact been terror attacks, cutting refinery output in the US significantly, blocking oil pipelines from the Middle East and inside the US.

None of this, and it is terrorism, has been reported. There is only one cause and that is tied to who benefits from economic problems in an election year, this being Mitt Romney and the Likudist faction in Israel that is advocating war with Iran, not fought by Israel but by the United States, of course.


As with the mass shootings, be they Columbine years ago, Gabby Giffords at Tucson or so many others, the anthrax attacks now tied to our own government to the DC sniper, police and federal authorities have given out false press notices, sometimes showed up at crime scenes long after normal response times or may well have been complicit.

Nearly every terrorist act that supposedly occurs in the US involves law enforcement recruiting terrorists or carefully removing key suspects who were actually police officers involved.

The Oklahoma City bombing had several suspects disappear. The Detroit airport bombing attempt had witnesses report multiple arrests but no trials.

9/11 had nearly arrested, 2 on the George Washington Bridge who set off a truck bomb but disappeared the next day, people we suspect of being tied to law enforcement or “training groups” that are, in reality terrorists.

Terrorism is law enforcement

What careful analysis indicates is that the groups that are training our police are, if not exactly the same, are closely related to groups suspected of being terrorists themselves, providing support for terrorists in Africa and the Middle East.

Should our new police cars say?

“Protect and Serve
Trained by Terrorists
Big Brother is Watching”

10 thoughts on “American Police Now “Israeli-DHS Trained,” Precursor To Dictatorship

  1. My Fellow Americans,

    Although police may be “Israelized” to exhibit the same characteristics for criminal brutality as the IDF does,.. we still have the upper hand.

    Our police,.. although highly corrupted and militarized already, are still our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and fathers, mothers,.. friends.

    As such, it is up to each of us to speak with our repective family members/friends that are cops, and in the military, to alert them to their own detrimental programming, and that it is AGAINST their own interests and contrary to their Oath to debase the Constitution or engage in activities contrary to decency and engage in any form of brutality against Americans.

    – Let them know: They are being played for suckers.

    – Let them know: The instructions they are receiving is designed to destroy this country.

    – Let them know: They are playing a role in destroying this country EVERY time they violate their Oath, or the US Constitution.

    – Let them know: They are in fact committing treason, and are committing treasonous acts when ever they uphold the wishes of the PIC (Pyschos-In-Charge).

    – Let them know: They are creating a future of complete tyranny for their own family to suffer with by their own actions.

    The Isreali training may debase their professional training,.. but we hold the trump card by speaking with them at the dinner table.

    JD – US Marines – Each one of use has a responsiblilty to speak to EVERY Family-Member/Friend we know in the Police &/or Military to ensure they understand the blantant treason our gov’t is now fully committed to.

  2. The new reality simply explained.

    Ask why? Why does the Police force need Israeli training, why not Chinese training?, Indian training? Italian training? etc.

    The United States of America will soon become Palestine Mark II where all citizens are spied upon, all live in constant fear, in extreme poverty and hopelessness for the future are the reality.

    This is the ugly agenda, it is probably 60% complete as that I understand is the percentage of the country which are now so poor they must rely on some form of Government welfare.

    Either do something about it or just get plain used to it.

  3. Of course the police are “Israeli” trained. So are our black-ops, CIA and the Feds. It’s called “KRAV MAGA”. They’ve been training them for years with this self-defense form. It’s nothing new. It’s just gotten much worse. No thanks to the Zionist government.

    1. “Krav Maga” is NOT what is happening here. Study the Gaza strip; that is what is happening here, not a bunch of blue-haired ancient JAP’s learning to fight off a purse snatcher. WAKE UP.

  4. Outstanding article! It was riveting, I read the entire thing.
    Great post, David2.
    Great comment too, JD.

  5. Here’s what is going on, folks.

    The jews are working overtime to resurrect their beloved USSR, right here in North America. The last time jews seized this sort of absolute, unchecked power over a White Christian nation was in 1917, when the jewish Bolshevik Communists seized the Russian people by ‘the hair of their heads’, if I may borrow a quote from one of their biggest toe lickers, Winston Churchill.

    So, here we are, for the second time in a 100 year span – these jews have done it again, and they now have their evil tentacles wrapped around the throat of America. Hence, I think we should remind ourselves that during the 72 year span of jewish totalitarianism over Russia and half of Europe – according to none other than Alexander Solzhenitisyn, these demonic, Christ and Christian hating monsters systematically murdered over 65 million White Russians and Ukrainians. And, I am convinced that this exactly what they intend to repeat here, in North America.

    They’ve already got their gulags (detention camps) set up. They shred more and more parts of our Constitution and Bill of Rights every day that Congress is in session. What these evil monsters can’t get Congress to enact, they simply have their stooge in the White House issue an ‘executive order’ and enact the next piece of tyranny that is on their list by ignoring the will of Congress and the people.

    Think I’m overly paranoid? Explain this, then:

    “The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:
    The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.

    What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

    Look around you, fellow Americans. Take a long, sober look at the speed with which the jews in our government and in our Congress have been capitalizing on the Israeli Mossad false flag attack on September 11, 2001 to transform our once free society into a police state, the likes of which would make the old USSR look like a Club Med vacation resort?

    Oh, but from the jewish point of view – there remains a fly in the punch bowl. That fly is called the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the corresponding presence of firearms in the private hands of a couple hundred million American citizens.

    Which is why we are seeing all these highly suspicious and very likely ‘staged’ random shootings, planned and orchestrated – more than likely – by Israeli Mossad agents and their FBI/CIA MK-Ultra division comrades and DHS covert operatives. They want our guns, folks. They want to kill us, the same way they slaughtered over 65 million White Russians and those guns in our hands pose an obstacle to that objective.

    Psst? Let your liberal anti-gun friends in on these truths, and see if they suddenly decide to change their minds on the Second Amendment.

  6. This bondage-S&M crap is a passing fad that the aficionados in uniform will gladly dump when they start getting hurt. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

  7. Mark Passio discusses what the so-called “elite” ACTUALLY think of cops and soldiers (and it is well-worth a listen – share it with everyone you know, who is in any way closely associated with cops, or soldiers):

    Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011

    Also: The RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop

    [know your rights]

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