Americans are the Losers in the Blame Game

In the private sector job loss continues, more 401Ks are gone, and more houses are being foreclosed upon.  Of course the blame is being placed on the public sector, which is now seeing jobs cut and pension plans eliminated which will be followed by home foreclosures.  With the further loss of revenue in consumer spending there will be more job losses, ect. ect., in the private sector leading to decreasing tax revenues and calls for more cuts in the public sector.

Why can’t those still left in the middle class see these evident events occurring right in front of their eyes?  Why do they continue to cut one another’s throats to the benefit of the power elite?  In the world of supply and demand we now have about 10,000 individuals competing for every job still left in our economy.

Wages are falling, benefits are falling, and the US standard of living continues to plunge as the brain dead Americans just stand around parroting the slogans and buzz words being fed to them through the mainstream propaganda machine, which is aiding in the destruction of America through the never ending application of the false left-right paradigm (the blame game).

It has now been four years since the discovery of the fraudulent derivative scheme that has resulted in the theft of some $35 trillion from the American people.  This was a swindle, a fraud, a robbery.  These are crimes.  Yet as we the American people are held to a standard of zero tolerance for violation of the most menial of policies like the seatbelt law, not one, zero, zip, zilch, not a single one of these international criminals has so much as been investigated, let alone prosecuted, punished, or made to return what they have stolen.

Why?  Because the American people are just too weak and cowardly to force the issue.  It is much easier and safer to accept the theft and blame the condition of the economy on one another and the most severely affected victims of the swindle.  It is much easier to take Social Security from old people and food from the mouths of poor children than to confront and stand up the international corporate bullies.

There is going to be a revolution in this country.  There is no way to stop it, as none are willing to admit to the truth of the situation until it has dragged them down to the ground where they can actually see the corporate elite spitting on them as they grind them under their heels.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Americans are the Losers in the Blame Game

  1. goverment and banker make it possable to buy a house knowing you cant afford one, then gov sighns nafta into law and sends your house paying job over seas, bank takes house and repeats sales, crisses reported. banker pushes nwo to make all countries use same money to make one banker sole owner of world through debt. every one but banks broke no tax revenue left to take gov. taxes bank, bankers eat each other to take more of whats not there . i guess they aren’t as smart as they imagined.

  2. I wouldn’t say Americans are cowardly or weak–some are, of course, but in general? The problem is that conditions just haven’t gotten that bad yet, so bad, that even a more or less weakling didn’t want to rip off the head of some oligarch. I suspect though that many Americans would do precisely that, however, if they thought it could work (in other words, get away with it!) Trenches, it’ll take a bit longer than maybe you or me would want, but before too long, oligarch heads will “roll” (hopefully, the oligarchs, even those whom are psychopaths–most of ’em–will see the consequences of their actions and repent, and give back what they have stolen. I pray that these folks do the right thing, because if they don’t…then I do expect to see heads roll indeed)

    1. Let’s start with the Koch brothers’. They stole hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil, years ago, from Indian reservation. Oil that wasn’t theirs to begin with. They have advanced from there to other games such as manipulating the price of oil by storing it in oil barges and other means until the price jumped. Theft, by definition. These scum bags would have nothing if it weren’t for their circumnavigating the law.

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