Americans / Patriots Show America

Show America something, anything?

What has been done on the border in the last 20 years? Show America something. We have more illegal border crosses now than ever before.

Elected patriots to the local government and local sheriff’s office, show America something, anything.  All we hear is talk from them, what are they waiting for?  

The tea party, good God, show us something.  They just let the neo-cons take over without a fight.

The 3%ers, show America something, anything that we can hang onto in the way of hope.  $3000 dollar ARs don’t impress people.

Our military men and women that stand for freedom?   Show us something besides political correctness, just to cover your ass.

All the millions of Americans that have purchased firearms and ammo,  why did you purchase all the armament?  Just to hang on the wall and look pretty?

All of the people that prepped up with food and self efficiency items,  why stock pile?  What was it for?

We all know Trump is not going to show America anything of any value and was never selected by Soros to do anything but screw us.

Talk is cheap, and all we have heard for many years is talk.  Americans want change so we will be waiting to see what all the talkers have to show us.

Why did our grandparents and parents just sit on their hands and let the theft of my liberty’s take place?
I am getting old and you will be old one day, and have your knees and back aches and be as slow as me one day, when will you stand firm against these thieving scum?

Things as simple as where you don’t shop or bank, it’s a powerful weapon.  Don’t support the companies that support the destruction of America.

Pay for cars and home, “No” not Loans and Mortgages, pay for them completely and in full. Don’t be a slave to the banks, they hate you.

Don’t support in any way countries that hate Americans,  boycott also any one that supports those countries.  Don’t pay them your hard earned cash to use against you.

Don’t participate in their scams to fool the American people in to believing they are in charge and free, otherwise stop falling for their fake vote scams.

Stand in a million different ways to show your love for America and your disdain for those hell-bent on trying to destroy her.


3 thoughts on “Americans / Patriots Show America

  1. “Talk is cheap, and all we have heard for many years is talk.”

    That’s hitting the nail on the head, Kantucky. Succinct, direct, and well stated. Nice job.

  2. Kantucky, great post! But the fight has to be carried, not only the ways of which you speak, but in the spiritual realm as well…if this nation is not cleansed of moral corruption–and I don’t mean Dominionist nonsense like telling women they can’t wear shorts or miniskirts or they must wear long dresses, or telling men they must wear short hair and beards–and psychopathic leadership (including in the churches!), and Israel-first attitudes from all, including Christian Zionists and Jews, among other things, and if this nation does not adopt spiritual righteousness (see 2 Chronicals 7:14), then it is likely we will have the “meet the new boss same as the old boss” scenario. Having been involved at one time with the bogus “Republic of Texas” movement led by psycho Rick McLaren, I know of what I speak (er, write).

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