America’s Sheeple Have Been Shifted into a Smaller Corral, With No Commotion

Survival Blog – by James Wesley, Rawles

Consider the implications of some recent events in America:

So much for enjoying “The most ethical and transparent administration in history.”

Eleven years ago, when the Department of Homeland Security was formed, were were promised that it would merely be an umbrella organization that would justcoordinate the activities of existing agencies, and have no policing powers of of it own. Well, look at what it has become. With more than 230,000 employees, DHS is now the third largest Cabinet-level Federal department. DHS now has legions of cyber sniffers, blue-gloved crotch gropers, and asset seizers. I suspect that internal DHS checkpoints will be coming soon.

The worst sort of tyranny is the sort that isn’t even recognized by those who suffer beneath it’s yoke.

Can’t folks see how the nooses are being tightened around our necks? Don’t they recognize the collusion of the mass media? Where is the outrage? Where are the protests? I’ve concluded that the America’s rams got elastratred by the Public School system years ago, and now there are just a bunch of useless wethers. This is pathetic. If this continues, American liberty and free enterprise will end with just a few plaintive cries of “baa.” The sheep have eagerly followed a bucket of grain. Welcome to the slaughterhouse–or at least to the anteroom. – J.W.R.

2 thoughts on “America’s Sheeple Have Been Shifted into a Smaller Corral, With No Commotion

  1. It’s good to make more people aware of the “human ranch” analogy (sheeple, cattle, etc.) but at the same time everyone needs to be aware that the government does not own the ranch. Governments are just ranch foremen, subject to firing by the real ranch owners, the bankers. National boundaries are fencing between ranches; state, county and city borders are cross-fencing.

    Therefore, changing governments has never done much to alter the overall pattern of ranching humans for profit. It’s the bankers, the ranch owners, who need to be told in no uncertain terms that humans are born free and that God-given status shall not be infringed. That’s why Michael C. Ruppert says, “Until you change the way money works, you change nothing.” Money and banking are the key to everything else that’s wrong in the world.

    1. So tell us Oh Enlightened One?
      What are you going to do about it? Us ignerent sheep need waken up.

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