11 thoughts on “Ammo – Buy WHATEVER You Can Find, WHENEVER You Can Find It

  1. Things could be fast at hand if history is correct. The first ban on imported weapons was 1774. In 1775 the British attempted confiscation. In 1776, we had a revolution….see what I mean.

  2. Buy today at whatever the price for tomorrow you won’t find it at whatever the price………

    I saw this in Cuba when I was unable to find the material to fix my dad’s home no matter how much I was willing to pay.

  3. The shotgun shells are already slowly becoming hard to find these days in Austin, TX. Slugs and buckshots are starting to fly off the shelves as fast as 9mm, just as I predicted they would and I bought the same kind of shotgun ammo that the guy in the video had bought . Luckily, I decided to buy many beforehand in order to prepare myself because I knew that situation would come very soon. I just wish I had more 9mm bullets. I have many, but I wish I had more as I still don’t feel comfortable with the amount I have at this time. Like the guy in the video, I too, am thinking of using some of the shotgun shells that I have in order to trade for some 9mm when the time comes.

    Be prepared people. Don’t get caught with your pants down when the time comes.

    1. My 10 year old Dillon makes 1 9mm round per 2 seconds, roughly. Pounds of powder and primers… 😀

      Feels good to channel that panic into something constructive!

  4. Here in CA the only ammo I’ve seen in stores in the last month or so is birdshot and 270 Win.

    If it wasn’t for air guns my trigger finger would have atrophied by now since I don’t want to burn through my stash.

    1. Gun shows & firing ranges.

      LAX firing range has lots of ammo for sale on Sat. (get there early) in their back parking lot, if you’re anywhere near there.

      There’s a gun show coming up the 23rd & 24th of March at the Orange County Fairgrounds. There was tons of ammo for sale at the last one, if you didn’t mind waiting in line for 3 or 4 hours, or getting there real early.

  5. #1, I can’t buy a box of 22 long rifle much less any of the larger bores. Thank god I can still shoot my shotgun through my door as suggested by our idiot V.P.

    1. millard, those are even hard to find here now. I did see some .22 Magnum hollw points at Turners, but only a few boxes. The only places I’ve seen any real amounts have been at the firing range and gun shows.

  6. And who is self destructive enough to take on the American people? Whoever controls their pointy little heads via the CFRtv and Rothschilds’ Associated Press.

  7. My neighbor told me yesterday ChinaMart got in a shipment of ammo. BS I thought. Went to go have alook. They had some .410…..20 gauge….270 Win. …8 boxes 30-06……NO 12 gauge of anything…no 38 no 45 no 40 and no 22lr…..lady at the desk said they are only getting 10 boxes of CCI 22 at a time. HA! Who would have thought 22’s would be scarce. Glad I have plenty

    Glad I bought cases of ALL my calibers back when they were cheap. My neighbor on the other hand is in a panic….just dropped 2700 on a new M1A springfield and cant find anything to feed it…told him last summer to buy cheaper gun(s) and more beans and bullets…. ….sux to be him now

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