AmmoLand Makes Freedom Hater’s List of Top Twitter ‘Gun Bullies’

Gun Bullies Reference ListAmmoLand

Manasquan, NJ –-( The AmmoLand Shooting Sports Newswire’s twiter account @ammoland has made the list of so called “#GunBullies”.

That is an anti-freedom hater’s Twitter hash tag speech for individuals or organizations that are not afraid to spread positive pro gun news on twitter.  

We wont link to the domain/url run by a Chicago IT Guy and self proclaimed progressive, Jay Rothschild, but a quick internet search(**1&2) pulls up multiple domains run by him like;,,, NRAKills.US, GunsGoneWild.US,, Shakedown.US,,,

Stop the NRA Screen Grab from shadowshift

Stop the NRA Screen Grab from shadowshift website 12-27-2013.

According to Jay’s about page his “Shadowshift Technologies is a venture with one item on its agenda, to advance progressive causes.” and “my great passions – music, progressive causes & the websites I run on it, predominantly,, ReplaceCongress.US and of course”

As described in typical nonsensical progressive speak the Gun Bullies Reference List is supposed to be a running tab of folks that are “Twitter Users Doing More Harm To NRA Pro-Gun Message”. As if he want us to believe the list supports the NRA or the website is somehow pro gun, while at the same time his parent domain has a big “Stop the Evil NRA” image on the home page.

The irony of that is AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is an approved syndicator the NRA’s message, including NRA-ILANRA NewsNRA’s Cam & Co &  magazines. Hey, we never said the opposition was very bright or believed in due diligence when twisting the facts.

But here is where the list becomes libelous:

“In the spirit of the NRA Enemies [sic] List this is a list of online abusive users on Twitter that have chosen to harm the NRA message to America by displaying behavior from disrespecting boundaries to intimidating free speech to threatening sexual and physical violence to even in some cases actual criminal acts.”

What? “disrespecting boundaries to intimidating free speech to threatening sexual and physical violence to even in some cases actual criminal acts.” This is patently false and a bold face lie by Mr Rothschild. Anyone with an internet connection can read through our entire history of tweets and will not find a single example of criminal harassment.

He then goes on to say “Use your Constitutional right to self-defense by keeping this publicly available information close at hand and share with your friends. Please do not engage! Avoid all contact, ignore, block and nothing else”

Libelous parts aside this is now just funny and sad, because we all well know if your a “progressive” you have no use for the US Constitution or GOD given rights except for those bestowed on you by your beloved Government.

“We are very proud to have @AmmoLand make the list as it shows us that our message of freedom and positive pro gun news is still read by those that would destroy the very fabric of our American way of life.” says Fredy Riehl Editor of AmmoLand

Did you make the list? We have posted a screen shot below for all to see who else made the list without visiting the website.

Gun Bullies Reference List as of 12-27-2013

Gun Bullies Reference List as of 12-27-2013

Behold, the list!

  1. @11b2p
  2. @2ANow
  3. @51Hitman51
  4. @AE68W
  5. @AmmoLand
  6. @anothergunblog
  7. @AnonyPunkZ
  8. @ANYAGV2
  9. @BadBlueGuns
  10. @BigFatDave
  11. @bitterclingerpa
  12. @bob_owens
  13. @CalmGunowner
  14. @cjgrisham
  15. @cemeterygunblob
  16. @Cmf68Kevin
  17. @chronovarience
  18. @DanielESmall
  19. @DixieSportsman
  20. @dmbatten
  21. @Dr_2A
  22. @dthurston
  23. @DVCMAC
  24. @FirearmsPDX
  25. @GlomarResponder
  26. @GunFreeZone
  27. @GunsnCoasters
  28. @gunsafetyblog
  29. @GunSenseUSA
  30. @GunzAreBad
  31. @hazmatpat
  32. @HomeGunTraining
  33. @HowardW56
  34. @HASOGCA
  35. @InfidelMonster
  36. @JamesViser
  37. @JasonSlusher
  38. @JBurt73
  39. @JerryMcClellan2
  40. @JillJillthePill
  41. @Jim____Johnson
  42. @JonEMTP
  43. @JPFOAlert
  44. @k0diak314
  45. @KentAtwater
  46. @KentAtwater2
  47. @KoryDWatkins
  48. @LawSelfDefense
  49. @lee10011
  50. @LibertyArmsMN
  51. @linoge_wotc
  52. @MarineReconDad
  53. @Marsellus666
  54. @MDGunsBen
  55. @MicekJosh23
  56. @MickyBaker1
  57. @MolonLabeNJ
  58. @MomsNeedHobbies
  59. @MonsantoBadGuns
  60. @muddman97
  61. @MuttonChopsRock
  62. @notplainjoe
  63. @OpenCarryTexas
  64. @PRoseish
  65. @PRoseish_2
  66. @quixxdraw
  67. @reaper11b81
  68. @ReviveLiberty
  69. @RobAlexandr
  70. @robdoar
  71. @rolloutside
  72. @RonPaul2012FTW
  73. @sdsorrentino (Thanks to Sean D. Sorrentino for this list, Definitely follow him!!!)
  74. @ShantBe
  75. @SmartGunLaw
  76. @soderstromk
  77. @Sparticus33W
  78. @State_Control
  79. @StrippedLower
  80. @TacticoolRonald
  81. @TCguns_carry
  82. @toyotahater
  83. @TyreByter
  84. @WildBillBaldwin

Visit for more gun bullie coverage.

“It is great to have made this list of patriots and defenders of our rights. I hope that more folks step up their game, spreading positive pro gun news and make it on to the Gun Bullies Reference List” Says Fredy.

Everyone else be sure and follow these leaders on Twitter.

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footnote 2

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