An Open Letter to Henry

BTW, since you’ve been flying solo once again you’ve been ON FIRE!!

The daily Word emboldens me and fans the flames of my smoldering longing to be free, like our ancestors were (for a very short time) at long last, once again.

I swear, you’re the most steadfast, driven man I’ve ever known. Your passion for Freedom & Liberty inspires me to no end. I know you don’t need my urging or compliments, I know you’d say and do the same shit in front of a goddamn firing squad. You’d make Nathan Hale proud…I so admire the mettle of your soul, bro!

I just want you to know that I, and so many other Trenchers appreciate the f-k out of you, and although many will soon shed their blood rectifying the egregious wrong done to our people, we all know that our spirit will not be denied. We WILL win.

The Word From the Trenches spreads because the truth of The Bill of Rights is ultimately what all humanity really longs for.

Let me go get mine and leave me the f-k alone. As long as I’m not violating your natural rights, we have no part together. If I am violating your rights, there is recourse and swift justice.

It’s f-king beautiful.

You are right to say that the anti-federalists were geniuses. They didn’t need a crystal ball to see the future, because they understood the human soul. Times change, technology seems to indicate evolution, but on the ground with humanity it’s still the same old same old. The Bill of Rights is truly timeless, and all we need do is spread the word and ENFORCE the motherf-ker.

I’m preaching to the ultimate preacher, shame on me!

Just know, man, what you’re doing IS changing the landscape, the numbers of awakened Bill of Rights die-hards is totally growing. I never even heard people discussing anything but left /right/ constitution, etc, even in the mass media, but now?

That is changing.

I even heard this Jesuit “conservative” DC talk radio host sheepishly mentioning The Bill of Rights on his show, because he f-king HAD TO. Even the brainwashed trumptards are coming to know that this shit is totally bolshevik and we’re well past talking or seeking redress in their criminal admiralty.

My ancestors existed for the purpose of my being here to fight this tyrannical shit any way I can.

If I even just destroy the smallest part of their machinery, all the generations of my ancestors were worth their being.

If I fail, then all of their toil and suffering and hopes and dreams and even their love, were all for naught.

I ruminate on that shit constantly.

Freedom and Liberty must take the day. They are the highest of the high; the only true nobility on this goddamn planet is/are the brotherhood of the liberated absolute individuals who will kill and die to let Freedom REIGN.

I can’t thank you enough, bro!

You don’t need to respond, I just had to let you know how much you are loved, revered, valued and cherished out here.

Let Freedom Reign!!

Spirit of ’75

11 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Henry

  1. Well said and thank you for taking the time to write what many of US think and feel. I couldn’t agree more with your mindset and acknowledgement of Henry’s contribution to this fight. He’s a rarity on the digital airwaves and internet and as legitimate as they come. Our sovereignty as individuals is paramount and this site brings the hated unabashed truth these scumbags wish to crush.

    They will NOT succeed and WE will see to that under any circumstances.

    DTTNWO and WE will be a part of that.

  2. They aren’t going to take our rights and they aren’t going to tell us how to live. We don’t let no communists come in here and F#$! with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t know who wrote this, wish I did. And I thank you for these true words.

    Yes, hear, hear!! Great respect and appreciation for Henry and also for Laura!! They’ve both given so much to the fight for freedom and have brought so many to the cause.

    I have to add that every time Henry’s work is acknowledged and appreciated, what comes up inside me is the awareness that as a true fighter-for-liberty I have to work to become what Henry is modeling. To not be held back by fear. To work to be strong and determined. To have what it takes to defy all oppression, no matter the cost. That’s what I see being modeled and in these times the bar is set ever higher to go the distance and tell the truth.

    Remembering our brother, Koyote… When he passed, Henry said of Koyote, “He brought the fight to himself.” That could be where we are now, standing as beacons that won’t back down. I am grateful to be part of this.


  4. I can’t get the audio live or from archive on this pos tablet.
    Didn’t know Henry was flying solo again.
    I guess that explains some posts.

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