An Open Letter To My Bishop On The Great Reset

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Last Sunday my church was closed. All services in my diocese have been closed at the order of my Bishop who is worried about so many people testing positive for covid.

I would not worry about PCR tests telling us that we have coronavirus. An Austrian member of their parliament recently tested coca-cola live on his parliament floor and it was positive. In Europe a clinical association said that PCR tests are recommended at 17 cycles to amplify the DNA found in the swab to determine the presence of the coronavirus. The state of Florida requires labs to state the number of cycle amplifications when they give a PCR test. At 35 cycles 97% of all tests are positive. The CDC recommends 40 cycles of amplification. Seems someone in the CDC is trying to panic the public with false positives. 

Medicine in the US is political and not empirical. Empirical studies say that the only people being hospitalized from covid are those deficient in vitamin D-3. A scientifically based medical establishment would give all incoming patients and staff a bolus of 250,000 IU of vitamin D-3. There are reasons why a high dose of vitamin K-2 should be given to reduce the number and severity of covid cases. A side effect of vitamin D-3 is that it reduces the incidence of a dozen different cancers. A side effect of K-2 is that it reduces hardening of the arteries. But we can’t administer what is scientifically the right thing to do because cancer and heart disease are big money makers.

Ivermectin has been proven effective to cure covid. It is cheap. It kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is avoided by doctors who do the bidding of Big Pharma and want to push drugs that are ineffective and cost $4,000 to treat a patient.

Clearly, we ought to be giving everyone the information they need to protect themselves. Take Vitamins D-3 and K-2.

I heard that only 367 healthy people under 60 in the US have died of covid. There is a difference between dying with covid and dying from covid. The CDC does say that 320,000 Americans have died from covid. They admit in small print that only 6% died from covid alone. 18,000 is a small number of deaths in a nation of 328 million. The American Center of Hospital Statistics gave us two classification of covid. UO7.1 is for all deaths of persons who tested positive for covid even though PCR tests render many false results. The other is UO7.2 and is for all deaths who were not tested but might have covid based on a diagnosis of a fever or a cough. So of 320,000 deaths listed as covid one-third actually tested positive and two-thirds were assumed to have covid. 94% died from heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, liver disease, gun shots, drug over doses, suicide and car accidents but were listed as covid.

If every patient were given a bolus of vitamins D-3 and K-2 plus Ivermectin, how many of the 18,000 would have died? Maybe less than 800.

So why are we in lockdown and wearing masks? The lockdowns are destroying the middle class and making resistance to the billionaires of the NWO economically impossible.

It is all part of the Great Reset. We are told that in 2030 we will own nothing. We will not own our homes and cars. We won’t even own our clothes. We will lease everything from billionaires. It must be true because all the Woke People at the World Economic Forum in Davos has said it is true.

This pandemic has been a long time in the making. The coronavirus was made in a lab at the University of North Carolina.

Luc Montagnier won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine. He says Covid-19 is a Bioweapon and was made in a lab. Francis Boyle drafted America’s laws on Bioweapons. He agrees. It is a Bioweapon.

The Spike protein was engineered from SARS into Covid. This allows it to enter human cells. 4 new sequences were engineered into Covid from the HIV virus including the GP 41 envelope which is the key for HIV to infect human bodies.

In 2014 NIH, Dr Fauci and President Obama gave that Chinese military lab in Wuhan a $3.7 million grant to make the virus even more contagious.

This pandemic has been a long time in the making. It is the first in a waves of pandemics. Bill Gates said there would be another virus after this one. How does he know there is another pandemic coming unless he know which lab is creating it?

We keep hearing about digital passports so we can travel. Maybe after the NWO releases the next Bioweapon we will be chipped so we cannot buy food or go to work without the permission of Bill Gates and the NSA.

The World Health Organization (WHO) told us that vaccines might not even halt the spread of the disease. The only vaccines allowed in the US are based on messenger RNA (mRNA). They are experimental and involve mRNA reprogramming our bodies. The only major brand vaccine that does not reprogram our bodies is from Astra Zeneca and uses a traditional approach. But it is not approved. Why?

Catherine Austin Fitts concluded in 1995 that so many pension funds have been looted that the NWO crowd had decided to commit genocide against Americans rather than to make restitution. She has told us that she believes the NWO crowd stole $50 trillion from us. One of the things the People Ought Not To Have Power do is to sell trillions of dollars in Treasury bonds and to pocket the money for themselves.

Genocide is on the agenda along with modern slavery. That is the path of the Great Reset. Closing churches is the last thing we should do in this time of peril. Everyone should be resisting the great evil that is coming our way.

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