8 thoughts on “Andy Parker – The Actor – Virginia Live News Shooting

  1. Anyone with common sense would see the pattern of these supposed mass shootings with the actors and inconsistencies in the story and someone pleading for gun control and see the BS in it. But then again, this is amerisrael, and common sense is extremely rare.

  2. At least more people are catching on quicker, and outing these shootings for the fakes they are at a quicker rate as well. They are all getting so bad it’s comical; except for the fact the media and the politicians are using these events to further destroy our rights. Well, Molon Labe!

  3. Traitors, each and everyone of them involved in any of the government sponsored fake shootings to push the gun control agenda forward. I’m trying to understand the thinking process of these actors who know exactly the treason they’re involved with. How much of a payoff does it take to betray your country?
    Now this latest charade is completely blown out of the water but yet, sheeples don’t want to hear about it, it might upset their fantasy world.
    “Let’s just pretend this is not happening and maybe it will all go away. I know, I’ll just close my eyes and hold my breath.”
    I had a guy tell me there’s no such thing as a conspiracy. “They would tell us if something was going on.” I didn’t even respond, I just walked away in disgust.
    People seem to acknowledge that something isn’t right, “but, if we vote in Trump, he’ll fix things.” Yeah, right! Trump is part of the problem. A big part, twisting bankruptcy laws, and coming out smelling like a rose.
    We have only one recourse, just be as prepared as you can. We’re going to take our country back, arrest all traitors, hang many publically to discourage future despots, and the rest onto deportation barges sent off the coast and torpedoed.

    1. I keep hearing “we need to take OUR country back”….
      So I have question: ….

      The several million “laws” that have been promulgated are for the benefit of the “lawmakers”… and they are only enforced by the “courts” when the benefit goes to the system. Therefore clearly you nor anybody else is going to use “law” to claim what you see as your “rights”.. or “your country”….
      So……….. how are you going to proceed?

      1. What are you trying to do here, Nancy? I think the answer is obvious isn’t it? We are going to have to take it back, just like our forefathers took it in the first place, through a bloody war.
        You are obviously new to this site. How do we proceed? With the barrels of our guns out in front of us, that’s how.

        1. Right on Henry! It’s not going to be pretty or easy but revolutions never are. Who said anything about “laws” to take it back? We are not the lawmakers we are not the politicians. We are the people who will have to stand for what is right. We have many examples of past and present. You want to know how it’s supposed to be done? Well the 2nd amendment makes it very clear. And I’m not just talking about arms. A well regulated militia. We need to join or die.

  4. I’d beat Jane Richards from the Boston hoax bombing like a red-head step child for her part in that psyop. As far as the rest, I save the kid stuff for the kids. They all get charged and punished for treason regardless of financial compensation.

    My apologies to red heads if I offended anyone. Merely a colloqualism.

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