Anheuser-Busch CEO was a Former CIA Recruitment Specialist by Brian Lupo

Fans of the second best selling beer brand in the world have been scratching their heads about the decision to bring on transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney as a brand ambassador of sorts.  The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on this, from Bud Light doubling down with a second endorsement featuring Mulvaney to the $5 billion dollar hit that the brand took as a result of the controversial endorsement.

The Bud Light marketing executive who said the brand needed a revamp from its “fratty” image and “out of touch humor” was herself, in her younger days, a “fratty” “out of touch humor” type of person.  The type that appears to do shots out of a condom and post a “placard” on the “Topics on the Exploration of the Scrotum.”

But an interesting discovery posted to Twitter by Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA sheds new light on the leadership at Anheuser-Busch:  the CEO, Brendan Whitworth, is a former CIA Operations Officer that “specialized in recruiting and handling of human sources.”

In a now-scrubbed Linked-In profile, the CEO had listed “Operations Officer, Counterterrorism Center, Clandestine Service” as a past occupation from 2001-2006.  He listed DC, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Iraq as locations.

The job description states:

“Specialized in the recruitment and handling of human sources with access to vital intelligence that prevented and disrupted terrorist threats.”

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the former federal intelligence officers landing lucrative jobs at social media platforms.  This has raised concern about potential governmental relationships between social media platforms and the federal government regarding censorship and narrative control, particularly the lopsided nature of the censorship seemingly targeted at conservatives.  This, of course, was the focus of one of the first “Twitter Files” released after Elon Musk assumed ownership.

FOX News had originally reported on this back in 2022, but without the controversy of the bizarre hiring of a controversial figure such as Mulvaney, it didn’t garner much attention.  However, given the nature of the “Twitter Files”, the alleged involvement of federal informants and agitators in the J6 protests, and the strange circumstances of utilizing Dylan Mulvaney as a “brand ambassador”, it certainly has drawn attention to the CEO’s past occupation.

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