Anonymous to March on DC on Guy Fawkes Day

Anonymous supporters protesting in England / APThe Washington Free Beacon

Demonstrators involved with Anonymous, a loose collective of online “hacktivists,” will gather on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 5 to march for a vast, nearly innumerable number of causes and issues.

Flyers began appearing around downtown D.C. over the weekend advertising the “Million Mask March,” which will take place on Guy Fawkes Day.  

Anonymous members, when they appear in public, are known for donning masks of Guy Fawkes, who unsuccessfully tried to blow up the England’s House of Lords on Nov. 5, 1605, and restore Catholicism to England.

The group supports leakers of government secrets, such as Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden. It was also closely allied with the now-moribund Occupy movement.

Anonymous hackers often target large governments and companies who oppose their interests with malicious cyber attacks.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the march is being held “to remind this world what it has forgotten, that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words.”

“There are quite a few things on the list of ‘topics’ for this event,” the page read. “This will include but not limited to Government (this is a big gray area), Reform, Education, Pharmaceutical companies pushing meds, War, Constitutional rights, Freedom, Unity, Drug abuse, Respect for all of mankind, Corruption, Food – GMO’s, Nutrition and health, Children, Violence worldwide, Waking the people. There many more things, too many to list, but just to name a few. FREE BRADLEY MANNING!”

Currently, more than 13,000 people have RSVP’d for the event.

Hundreds of other Anonymous events are scheduled the same day as part of the “Million Mask March.” However, the organizers of the D.C. event say it is not affiliated with the other marches.

The website for the Million Mask March also includes a link to revolutionary Anonymous poetry.

“How did they get rich / I’ll tell you the way,” an Anonymous poet writes. “By being a bitch / or stealing the pay.”

Or an excerpt from a poem, titled “Julian Assange.”

And as you sleep in the night / may your journeys be sweet / to go fly a kite

/ and to walk on the beach / May your dreams / take you where / your heart wants to go

/ mountain hikes / out for fishing / and to see the rainbows.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous to March on DC on Guy Fawkes Day

  1. Wow, so many marches on D.C. I think Adam Kokesh is jealous and hitting himself in his jail cell (if he is still in jail).

    I am a bit curious as to the timing of these marches (Million Vet march, Trucker march and now Anonymous march) which conveniently coincide with the government shutdown and the government drills.

    I’m telling you guys, something is not right about all of this. I really think something is afoot. Be on the lookout. My false flag senses are going berserk.

    Anyone else think that same way or is it just me?

  2. It sounds genuine enough to me but I do think it needs large numbers to turn up to ensure safety against government action. If it is the government planning it they will want far fewer people turning up because amongst such crowds they couldn’t infiltrate enough agent provocateurs to guarantee being close enough to co-ordinate. They would have to be recognizable to each other and to the police or they risk injury or death in any brutal crackdown, so it would be far easier for their identifying feature…say, identical trainers and an obscure High School sports badge…to be recognized by those outside their circle.

    Plus it is in DC, the seat of government, so I don’t think the authorities would invite this because it would be so easy for them to lose control of the situation.

  3. I have my Guy Fawkes mask. Great movie, “V For Vendetta”. Just watched it again last week.

    “Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot”

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