Another American Filmmaker Harassed By DHS-TSA.

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Merlin Miller was pulled out of line, subjected to interrogation, and treated as if he were a terrorist. Miller is President of Americana pictures and is a producer, writer and director. He has been stopped many times and supposedly randomly selected for special attention by the TSA. People who are flagged SSS are always selected for this intensive scrutiny.   

On Wednesday of last week he returned to America after discussing a new film project overseas. His suitcase had been marked with a huge red C. He told them he had to make a connecting flight. A Jewish supervisor at DHS took charge of his screening and interrogation. This supervisor held Miller at his silly check point until he knew that Miller would miss the last flight from Dulles to his destination that night. This was a critical flight because the airports on the entire east coast were shutting down due to an incoming snowstorm.

Miller is a West Point graduate and a former Army officer.  He started a new blog . He is trying to build an army of action. His website has been hacked so I have posted an article from him below.

So why did he get the intense treatment this time?

He recently took his third trip to Iran. He attended a film festival there and discussed the filming of a joint production dealing with the sinking of the USS Liberty but with a modern motif concerning a present day false flag. With the aide of a black airport worker Miller got to Reagan airport in time to catch another plane before the incoming snowstorm shut down all flights.

He is of the opinion of that the top levels of these agencies like Homeland Security are run by people who defend Israel and make life difficult for American patriots. One black DHS agent quietly whispered “ADL” to explain Miller’s enhanced scrutiny.

He is not the only American filmmaker to be targeted upon returning to America.  Laura Poitras who won awards for her documentaries has been repeatedly held at the border. Her crime was to make documentaries about the occupation of Iraq “My Country, My Country” and Yemen “The Oath.”

I would like to suggest you consider the latest video from Storm Clouds Gathering explaining why Obama’s next assassination target is you. I previously wrote about the list of 8 million Americans targeted for disappearance in case of National Emergency (i.e. the dollar crashes and the banks have to seize your deposits.)

Obama’s Next Assassination Target (You)

I have for some time been saying that Wall Street wants a Race War in America so we cannot respond as one nation when the dollar crashes.

This is Miller’s essay: America and the Great Racial Divide

America’s demographics are being radically altered – setting the stage for serious civil strife with potential for state succession and national dissolution into small, ethnically distinct nation-states. This is not happening by accident, but by design. It is only one part of a comprehensive plan to destroy traditional nations and create an unnatural, enslaved world, where citizens answer to an all powerful New World Order. The American “empire” is being sacrificed for this end.

However, the American republic is not quite dead and those of us who took an oath to protect and defend her, must rise to the occasion. American nationalists must stand against growing tyrannies and remove the Globalist/Zionist agents of our destruction. To do so, we must understand their “divide and conquer” tactics. Divisiveness is not just racial, but also religious (Christians pitted against Muslims) and cultural (attacks on traditional family) and is socially engineered through media influence and government control.

Largely unknown to the American public, our nation has come under the oppressive control of international bankers. Through financial manipulations and ruthless plotting, they control the mainstream media and political arena – and hence, our lives. Internationally, they have involved us in wars and occupations – which are destroying the blood of our youth, our reputation and our financial solvency. Domestically, they are engineering America’s collapse by dislocating American jobs, stealing citizen homes and possessions, and suppressing our inalienable rights and freedoms. Exploiting racial differences is only one aspect of creating confusion and discord, so that we are not united in fighting their comprehensive, evil schemes.

Throughout most of America’s incredible history, we were 90% European derived. We are now approximately 65% White, 14% Black, 15% Hispanic, and a small percent Asian. If current trends continue, Whites are predicted to become a minority within 30 years. Those who want to preserve America’s traditional identity, culture, values and economic health are unfairly marginalized when they express concern. Distorted ad hominem attacks by the ADL and SPLC come to mind.

For 2012, I was asked to be the Presidential candidate for a new political party, the American Freedom Party (formerly the American Third Position “A3P”), on the basis that it needed a moderating image to grow and protect America’s traditional nationalist interests, and effectively combat unfair marginalizations. I had produced “Jericho”, a mystery-western, with a theme opposed to any form of discrimination. While proud of my race, religion and heritage, I’ve always believed that others should be treated with respect and fairness, regardless of differences.

As an American nationalist/patriot, I accepted their nomination on the basis that they represent a broad nationalist platform and maintain the “moral high-ground”. To me, this means respecting our Constitution and the rights of all legitimate Americans. “Equal rights for all citizens, special privileges for none”. Stopping the immigration invasion and ending discriminatory and divisive “affirmative action” programs should be part of a nationalist program, as they protect our country’s interests and insure fair treatment of our citizens. We should all be judged on our own merits, as individuals, and the sovereignty of states and other nations should be respected.

In my opinion, due to the controls of a few individuals (and the actions of “agent provocateurs”), the American Freedom Party is increasingly, and divisively, representing itself as a one issue party (“protector of white racial interests), rather than as an inclusive American nationalist party, concerned with a host of issues, critical to the well being of the American people. Unfortunately, efforts to moderate their “one issue focus”, and grow the Party with a viable and comprehensive platform, have been increasingly undermined. Members will now seek other political remedies.

What is needed is a populist political movement or party which will represent American nationalist interests. So many critical issues; ending the wars/occupations, restoring our economy, and protecting individual liberties should be the focus of true nationalists – not falling victim to the deceits and divisions created by these Globalists/Zionists and their agents. The American Freedom Party had some good prospects, as does the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party and others. However, isolated none can hope to successfully challenge the Republicans and Democrats. United, as a “nationalist/populist/patriot” coalition, they could! This is certainly worth exploring, especially by those capable of bringing together divergent interests, to support the common good (Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, et al?).

There are also alternatives to forming a coalition or creating a new party, which might circumvent the great infrastructure, expense, and time required. An independent candidate movement (exclusive of parties), uniquely supported by issue oriented Patriot/Nationalist PACs, might be a possibility. The Campaign for Liberty could be a catalyst. The careful selection of independent candidates for key races could be a crucial determinant in state and federal elections. Fees and petition requirements are much less for individuals, rather than Party registration/slates which the Republicans and Democrats have self-servingly imposed on the system. Resources could more wisely and efficiently target specific candidate and issue promotion, creating a potential for leveraging outcomes in critical states.

America can survive and again lead the world by positive example, if we fight for “truth, justice, liberty and peace”, as our founding fathers did. It is time to unite and “Take Back America”.

I heard of Miller’s case in an hour long radio interview here:

DHS is getting Americans used to being treated like prisoners. The whole point of groping our genitals at airports is to train us to submit blindly to authority. Army Field Manual FM 3-39-40 On Internment and Resettlement Operations. The US government has a Core list of 8 million Americans who need to disappear if or when the dollar crashes. I wrote about this program here:

Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared

At one time I lived in California. I would like Americans to take seriously the fact that America has 8 nuclear power plants directly on top of the two biggest and most overdue earthquake fault zones around.

2014: Earthquakes. California And New Madrid?

Americans need to learn what is really happening in the Mideast.

Connecting The Dots: Israel, London, Wall Street And The Mideast

Joe Cortina, Gaza And The Limits Of The Israeli Empire


2 thoughts on “Another American Filmmaker Harassed By DHS-TSA.

  1. My local radio station announced severala times the last few days that the FCC is in their station scrutinizing them on how they put their news stories together. They also said this has never happened before ever to them and that the government officials were unusually interested in their operations.

    This station has been spewing all kinds of leftist pinko commy stuff heavily in favor of the government state house and OBUMMER for a long time, and it is surprising they are getting so much heat now. They are angry as if a bunch of sycophants finally had their masters they were licking their boots of turning on them and barring teeth. I’m seeing now a lot less leftist crap from their reporters now. Mark is right about the executive letter opener. We’re seeing that now. We’ll never trust traitors who apparently are trying to switch sides, but it is also entertaining to watch the enemy eat their own. 🙂

    Hammer and Cycle is falling in slow motion.

  2. I do everything not to fly anymore because it is such a hassle. However that being said there are times that there is no way around it. I’m convinced that I look like a terrorist because I am,every time pulled for screening. It really doesn’t matter what I ware or how I stand or even what expression I put on it’s off to the microwave for me. If I were to be behind Osama bin laden, a known terrorist, rag heads with AK’s they will get a pass and I get to go to the nuker. This is why I don’t fly unless it is necessary. I drive almost everywhere I go.
    The thing is, is I read all these story’s and have never had real detainment problems. YET! Maybe they don’t bother with it because they feel cooking me from the inside out is good enough.

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