Anti-drug NY assemblyman Steven Katz arrested for marijuana possession, report says

CBS News – by Stephanie Slifer

(CBS) NEW YORK – Steven M. Katz, a New York State assemblyman who has publicly condemned the use of drugs, was arrested and charged with marijuana possession during a traffic stop on Thursday, police said, according to The New York Times.

A case of a pot-smoking lawmaker calling the kettle black?  

Katz, a 59-year-old Republican from Mohegan Lake, N.Y., was stopped for speeding on a state thruway in Coeymans, on Thursday morning. After noting the odor of marijuana, a State Trooper found “a small bag of marijuana” in Katz’s possession, New York State police said in a statement.

According to the paper, Katz was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana.

In a statement obtained by the New York Times, Katz called the incident “unfortunate.”

“This should not overshadow the work I have done over the years for the public and my constituency,” he reportedly said, adding, “I am confident that once the facts are presented that this will quickly be put to rest.”

Katz, who is a veterinarian by trade, is a member of the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee. According to The Times, he voted against a bill in 2012 that would have legalized medical marijuana.

Katz was released on an appearance ticket and is due in court on March 28.

11 thoughts on “Anti-drug NY assemblyman Steven Katz arrested for marijuana possession, report says

  1. how is it that a plant is “our” enemy but the economic terrorist ***war mongering*** currency printers with a “JEWISH” state who OWN the Media and operate a KOSHER crack house called CONGRESS are….


    curiously the most beneficial plant on earth mentioned 3 times in Genesis chapter one…

    go figure

  2. Just like those “assault rifle” hating GIFFORDS ……
    How DARE you Peasants question the NOBILITY !!!!

  3. A politician who is a lying hypocrite ? NO! say it isn’t so. Maybe doubling the sentences for these parasites would help deter them … maybe.

  4. Couple of thoughts on this:

    The NY State Trooper – while I believe current drug laws founded upon irrational misconceptions, excessively punitive, and are unevenly enforced, the trooper who arrested this hypocrite should be commended for doing his part to correct the last point made. It would have been easy and career enhancing to simply let the assemblyman go with a warning instead of holding Katz to the same standard of conduct as the citizenry in general. In a better, more perfect world peace officers who take “equal justice under law” seriously would be rewarded for doing so. Unfortunately, as we all know, the opposite is more often the case. Taking into account not only Mr. Katz’s political office but demographic membership, this trooper may be exposed to retaliation. Hopefully the public eye and department superiors will deter such.

    Speeding while smoking marijuana – as the natural inclination is to lay back and coast along it takes a conscious effort to do this, a conscience with total disregard for public safety. Katz is morally unfit to serve his office, irregardless of his claims to the contrary

  5. What do you expect from the psychopaths that are in power? There are maybe two or three elected officials in this entire government who are honest truth telling human beings. People are gullible and need to wake up!

    1. There are no honest, truth telling people in the goverment legal or law enforcement system. If there was they would be ratting out their co-workers at all costs.

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