14 thoughts on “Appalling Police Violence used on Single Guy

  1. What gives these gestapo pigs the right to assault citizens that are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? Oh, that’s right, this isn’t America anymore. Those weak, arrogant little pansies with badges must be so proud of themselves gang beating a single person who did not so much as try to strike any of them. If we as a society accept this kind of police brutality, it’s indeed a sick and twisted world.

    1. Damn right Sunfire. The last time I was arrested back in the 80`s they were going to start to man handle me and I had a bad cough, They asked if I had any medical conditions and it so happened that I did have a spot on a lung and so I told them that the dr. said he thought that I may have TB. I told the damn cops that and you should have saw them F`ers back off when I thold them I may have TB, you could have heard a pin drop all of a sudden :).Their eyes all of a sudden took on a whole new look. In other words that guy getting beat maybe should have told them pigs that he had TB or AIDS or something like that. It works, at least it did for me anyway. Yea, were any of these thugs fired. Also ya notice the dispatch in the office there.He didn`t do a damned thing to help the guy. Remember when the SHTF that paybacks are going to happen coppers, and that means all you cops.Yep 4 or 5 citizens on one cop sounds fair to me.

  2. LOL

    i wonder how the ‘pigs’ are going to handle the upcoming riots

    oh yeah , they have 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo . .. . .

    hmmmmmm. . . . . . . .

  3. Are all these cops members of the Masons blue lodge?
    One never speaks ill of a fellow lodge member even to the point of covering up a murder.

  4. That’s not police violence, that’s torture! And, that purple sack of steroids and his side-kick should be put into an asylum for their aggressive and sadistic behavior.
    Steroid junkies!

  5. Why do these useless slime abuse others when they know all is on-camera?
    Two reasons:
    A. They do not think they are doing anything wrong.
    B. If the abused should make a complaint, the “justice” system will determine that the thugs-in-uniform were justified in using force and tasers as the unarmed man was a threat…[to their egos]

  6. By the way #1, thanks for posting this one and I hope you will keep posting these video`s like this one. I will as I find them I know. It is not that I like to see these kind of thing going on all of the time but it is more that when TSHTF we will remember how the cops act. Every cop including that dispatch behind the glass are as guilty as those pigs that are takeing part in this beating. That dispatch could have called a ambulance if or the supervisor – like the supervisor would do anything – if nothing else. When the SHTF there is a bone to break in every cops body for what they did to myself, NC, Henry, and am sure you too #1, and for every one else that has taken a beating from a cop – and I don`t mean just a finger broke, I`m talking ribs, arms, legs maybe a back or a neck would not be out of the question for them thug bastards.

    1. Yes, digger, I got the worst beating of my life from a cop back in ’74. I couldn’t sleep on my back for an entire month!

      When I saw this one, I was mad enough to chew nails! These sub-human trash have been getting away with this kind of sh#t for WAY too long.

      Doubt it not, that when the SHTF, anyone wearing a uniform and a badge will be # 1 on the target list.

      1. Now that you mention it I do remember you talking about that beating you got. No mercy for them cops. And don`t forget about their kids, ya know as it usually goes, “like father like son”.

  7. idiot roid monster went straight for the banned choke hold, but was not competent to actually pull it off. these guys should be a laughing stock down at the maximum security prison. it took 4 overgrown pigs (ready for slaughter) to make one skinny black guy roll face down.

    1. Them pigs know that we are planning a pig roast. We just need the bbq sauce. And they say a pig is a smart animal, well they are if they have four legs, these pigs only have two legs, they obviously are not a very smart animal.

  8. Here in Toronto Ontario– no matter how bad cops do a deed–they get suspended with full pay and benefits –case drags on for years–Bingo they get their Jobs back–Reason for dismissal–case took to long in courts :^(

    1. I lived in Toronto for a short while back in ’72, as well as London, a small town (1,265 people) called Parkhill, and I used to party in Grand Bend.

      One of the best years of my life. Fond memories.

  9. Aside from the amazing amount of force they used, they were so incompetent at getting him in the position they felt he should be in. Who trains these guys? They’re buffoons. If the violence wasn’t real, it would be almost funny,,,,they are acting out a three stooges parody.

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