Are we Ready for “Pharmaceutical Strength Marijuana?”

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As a growing number of states push to legalize even recreational marijuana, the medical field looks to expand and legitimize medicinal use of cannabis compounds. These compounds, cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD), have little to no psychoactive effects and a whole host of health perks. From treating cancer to addiction, cannabis compounds have the ability and the potential to change the world of health care. Are you ready for this future of legal cancer treatment?  

As Dr. Sircus of the International Medical Veritas Association points out, the American College of Physicians—the second largest group of medical doctors in the US—has even urged the US government to stop waging war on marijuana.

“ACP encourages the use of non-smoked forms of THC (the main psychoactive element in marijuana) that have proven therapeutic value,” they wrote in a lengthy paper on supporting research several years ago. The ACP cites marijuana’s use in treating weight loss from diseases such as AIDS and combating nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments. Their recognition that the plant has medicinal value leads them to urge the feds to drop their classification of marijuana as a Schedule I substance.

But more than the ACP’s recognition that cannabis could have potentially beneficial effects on chemotherapy patients, cannabis may even be able to replace toxic treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

As a 2007 Harvard Medical School study found, active cannabinoids are able to cut lung tumor growth in half and can significantly hinder lung cancer’s ability to spread. Further, researchers published in Cancer Research found that marijuana components could stop the spread of human brain cancer. Numerous other studies have affirmed what these two have found—that cannabis may hold the key to more effective cancer treatments and possibly even a ‘cure’.

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Perhaps as impressive as cannabis’s ability to stop the spread of cancer, is its ability to damper pain. Despite what some critics would have you think, this isn’t because you are high and in an altered state, but because cannabidiol has extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Allan Frankel explains:

“CBD works against pain primarily in the peripheral nervous system. It does not work like typical pain meds by affecting the central nervous system; it works at the neuro-synapse. When we sustain injuries, often the pain is acute and disappears completely. Other times we have persistent or intermittent pain, but it is still not that big of a deal. However, with many disorders the pain is either part of the underlying problem itself (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) or the pain becomes a syndrome of its own. In other words, the pain takes on a life of its own and is now crippling the patient.”

Add to these benefits the potential that marijuana could help combat addiction to real drugs and we have only the beginnings of a medical revolution. That is, if we’re ready for it.

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24 thoughts on “Are we Ready for “Pharmaceutical Strength Marijuana?”

  1. hey as long as big pharma can figure out how to make a killing on it, then it will be plentiful. of course your doctor tells you whether you need it or not. of course it still will be against the law to have it in your back yard, dontcha know.

    1. GoodMorning Paul and others here In The Trenches 😉 No doubt Paul. And then we got that charlie sheen getting busted with a breif case full of crack cocaine and get house arrest. Something isn`t right on that one.

  2. Yah, trust big Pharm they are from the government they are here to help. You can count on big Pharm to take mother nature and corrupt it. Big Pharm is part of the problem not a solution.

    Paul you are right, as long as big pharma can figure out how to make a KILLING on it. We can look for GMO weed.

    1. Ya know what kingskid, I think that they already do have that damned GMO weed out there. Every one seems to think that the Herb now days is so much better and yea it may be more potent, but I also think though that there is nothing better than the good old fashioned stuff from the sixties. I`ll take that anytime over the over priced stuff now days they are selling us all. The stuff now days just doesn`t seem to have the quality at all. Yea, it is potent now days but it also lost the quality high that It once had for the most part. Atleast as far as what I have seen anyways. 😐 😎

        1. Awe man kingskid. People said that I should go to the seed banks but I kind of think that that would be a very foolish move on my part. Ya know kingskid, I used to have pounds and pounds of those amanita muscaria – fly agaric – mushrooms on my hillside two years ago. Last year I couldn`t find even one of them, I even had those edible moral mushrooms too and I could not find even one of those either. Chem trailing /airiel spraying I think. 🙁 check out “Nervana Seed Bank ” , or Nebula Haze weekly news letter. I get it e-mailed every sunday morning called . It has a lot of really good info and also many seed banks from all over the world. It is a free internet news letter. I have been enjoying their news letter now for about 7 – 8 months now – good into and excellent grow tips if I do say so myself 🙂 😎

          1. I was out a while ago looking for shrooms but no luck. I could remember a time when I had baggies of seeds and toss them. Now wish I had them back, no more panama red. I am reluctant to go up to someone and ask if they have any smoke for sale.

    2. yea just make it o.k. to have it in your yard. of course that would ruin everyones market on the stuff dontcha know

      1. 🙂 . Hey Paul, remember back in the 40`s maybe the 30`s when they had people grow hemp in their yards growing it for the fiber for the war effort. My grandmother grew pounds of it as a hedge/boarder plant and she always said how much she liked it because of how easy it is to grow and how nice a plant it is to look at even. 🙂

        1. Yes i do Digger. I realize we were not free back then (in the 60’s) but we were much freer than we are now. what a time to be alive. then and now.

          1. I remember those days. we were so much more free then. Our freedom started to really erode in the late 40’s and it went slowly down hill from then on. My parents told us these days were coming

          2. @ 10:37 Yea kingskid, my dad said much the same thing- you haven`t seen nothin` yet is what he always told me. I always laughed at him – guess I should have listened eh .

          3. Yep Digs shoulda, woulda, coulda, Damn I wish dad was here today, he was a lot wiser then. He would tell me to keep my power dry.

          4. @ 10:22 Yes Paul, I guess that it realy it true that you have got to know one side to truely know the other eh. 😉

      2. The largest pusher of illegal drugs is the US Gov (CIA or otherwise) – likely no secret around here.

        Amazing they allowed pot to become legal in any state.

        1. Sorry Cynicles, Herb is not totaly legal any more than alcohol. Just se how legal alcohol is when ya start up your moon shine still or start makeing more than the allowable amout of wine and see just how legal it is. Nope, until Herb is totaly legal is when it is legal. It is all just a phoney word game to the POS politicions!! Hell I am waiting to see when they start giving piss tests to purchase a fire arm or ammo.

          1. Hey Digger funny you mentioned piss tests. i was thinking earlier that this would be a good way for them to confiscate weapons.

  3. I was listening to an audio last night where two people were discussing the legalization of marijuana. One person suggested, what if marijuana was made legal as another tool to keep people placated, happy and demotivated i.e. easier to control, much like mind-controlled TV, or chemicals in the water, or psych drugs.

    That got me to wondering.
    . . .

  4. I sometimes take a friend to the pharmacy here. Kind of bizarre to see pot come in a prescription bottle, with a label and all. Crazy names, too, like Mango Crack, Herojuana, Blue Cheese, Platinum OG, Liquid Coke, It’s Tits, Soul Assassin, etc.

    licenses are easily obtained.

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