Are you a Zombie?

While doing some office cleaning, I came across lots of notes. A lot!

Awhile back, I guessing Jan., I watched a video (probably from here(FTTWR)). This video talked about the “excepted vernacular” of “the populous “at large””.  iN THOSE Notes certen items where listed as “beneficial to prosperity” within ‘ones desire to dominate. ‘

The ones that stick to me are as follows:  

  • “Use emotional rape”
  • “give thEm what they WANT in excess”
  • ‘deprive them of what they need”
  • “create the problem and offer the sollution”

-but my two favorites are:

  • Their is a profet in confusion,


  • dont excead an 6th grade leval.

Witch bring me too my point…

I looked up and took some of the tests.

I had fun and will try not to be a ZOMBIE. Can you?

disclaimer- some words where spell corrected and others where miss-spelled on purpose. However with that said I never was good at English.
About the author- He is a slightly odd fellow 😉

3 thoughts on “Are you a Zombie?

  1. Sounds like you’re cleaning government offices, Nottoobitter. Stay away from elevator shafts.

  2. I have to do documentation at my job. I can’t read everyone elses – they can’t spell or compose a sentence. I was even asked not to write in cursive because they can’t read it. Sad, sad, sad.

  3. I can think of a blogger or two that post here every now and then who might consider the above proper grammar and spelling…

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