Armed security guard killed by police officer responding to shooting

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An armed guard working at a bar in a Chicago suburb was killed early Sunday by an officer who was responding to a call of shots fired, authorities say.

According to the Cook County sheriff’s office, officers from Robbins, Illinois, and the nearby village of Midlothian were the first to respond shortly after 4 a.m. on Sunday to a shooting at Manny’s Blue Room Bar in Robbins.  

An officer from Midlothian fired at the security guard, who was later identified as 26-year-old Jemel Roberson, according to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sophia Ansari. Roberson was later pronounced dead in a local hospital.

According to Ansari, the initial shooting left four other people with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. At least one of them was believed to have fired shots before police arrived.

The shooting is believed to have stemmed from a prior verbal confrontation, according to Robbins Police Chief Roy Wells.

According to a press release from Midlothian police Chief Daniel Delaney, the investigation is ongoing with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police and Robbin’s Police Department investigating the criminal aspect and the State Police Public Integrity Task Force investigating the Officer involved shooting aspect. The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave.

“Jemel has played for @PurposedChurch for the last several years and just played for my grandma’s funeral Friday and now he is gone. Rest In Peace #JemelRoberson #JusticeForJemel,” Pastor LeAundre Hill said in a tweet.

Roberson’s family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Monday “for the wrongful death of Jemel,” according to their attorneys.

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  1. Fken trigger happy sons of bitches

    Yeah don’t dare asses the situation , just come in guns a blazin
    If that favor ever gets returned these schmucks will shit the bed

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