9 thoughts on “As the poor fight and die

  1. ‘It doesn’t matter a damn who deserves to win. It’s who does win, that’s what’s important. Now you remember that the next time you’re out there screaming liberty.’

    I say we, the American sovereigns, deserve and will beat you traitors. We will hand to you exactly that which you have earned, DEATH! Unlike you we do not operate in the shadows which you do as you fear being found out. No, we stand firm and unafraid with the knowledge that we are the righteous. We have the supreme Law of this land behind us and we fight not for mammon but for LIBERTY!

        1. This is how it works when depending on those who shouldn’t be depended upon, brother.
          The best cons smile at us.
          Not unlike a realtor.
          Sound familiar?

          1. have you seen how the US military eats while enforcing Satan? Like fkg kings..American subjects pay huge to feed these clowns.

            C131s fly in kitchens and cities to feed these traitors, back then not so much, but yeah, food is a big fkg deal…

    1. Actually, from a spiritual perspective, these dudes reminded me of the Pharisees that Jesus Christ rebuked. Mammon, mammon, mammon…is all these “sons of the devil” cared about.

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