I haven’t vetted all of these links and don’t have time to write a corresponding story to go along, but am just wondering why we are not seeing other alternative news outlets linking and discussing these stories more. I could have continued adding to the pile endlessly but just chose a handful from what is generally regarded as trustworthy websites. Maybe an aspiring writer can connect the dots?   Continue reading “13 signs that Russia is attempting to take out the US as World Super Power and Obama is complicit”


OKLAHOMA CITY — The death of a man who struggled with police outside an Oklahoma movie theater was ruled a homicide on Wednesday, but the chief medical examiner said the injuries alone didn’t cause the death.

Luis Rodriguez, 44, died as a result of cardiac arrhythmia due to physical restraint and an underlying heart condition, Amy Elliott, spokeswoman for the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office said in a statement.   Continue reading “Autopsy rules Oklahoma man’s death a homicide”

Congressman Markwayne Mullin.News On 6 – by Dave Davis

TULSA, Oklahoma – As the U.S. House Committee on Ethics continues to decide if it will take action against Congressman Markwayne Mullin, he talked with News On 6 about what this means for himself and his business Monday.

The congressman is at the center of what – even the House Committee on Ethics admitted – is the setting of a precedent. How involved can an owner be in his family business, while he’s serving in Congress?   Continue reading “Congressional Committee Set To Release Report On Congressman Markwayne Mullin”