18 thoughts on “New Mexico Governor Closes Grocery Stores for Two Weeks

  1. All the produce, perishables, etc. will be thrown out. More stores will go out of business, and more people will starve to death.

  2. This is meant to persuade the folks who won’t buy their B.S. story. The wrong people are getting punished. It’s early, there’s hope.

    1. Slowly impaled keeps coming to mind and of course stood on the side of the road for all to see on the spike. When you mess with food there are severe consequences . This BS is getting almost to crazy to believe!

  3. I never deliver anything to this state, maybe twice in 20 years. Have no idea why, just works out that way.

  4. Interesting to go on New Mexico’s Craigslist Rants & Raves and Politics (for at least) Albuquerque

    Not a peep

  5. This moves tyranny into sadism. Tyranny is frequently exposed; sadism not so much, but it lurks there beneath the surface. Cruel, cruel power.


  6. All grocery stores should dump all their bad produce on the governor’s front lawn and on the state-house steps! What this idiot doesn’t understand is grocery stores, many of them dispense prescriptions that require refrigeration and are date limited. Where are people supposed to buy food? How about pet food? What about dairy products? Let me guess, she’s a democrat?

    1. Let me guess, you’re a republican who doesn’t have the smallest idea what political parties are.
      There are no democrats, there are no republicans, no left, no right, no conservative, no progressive, there is only the absolute law ratified in 1791 by we the people called the Bill of Rights or there is not. And there is not because we are not enforcing it.
      It doesn’t matter whether it is the Bolsheviks, the Marxists, or the Jewish corporate communists, it comes down to we the people, the Bill of Rights, freedom and liberty, or the unlawful United States Corporation (Title 28 Definition 15) and the unlawful 14th Amendment, subjugation and slavery.

  7. What if people were defiant and did NOT close down and continued operating? Would the world come to an end?
    So many people have the mindset to ” not make waves, don’t rock the boat”, and such that we have become so meek as to inherit tyranny.
    Don’t comply. It is really that simple.
    Or, cower in place until the cleaning crews come in and scrape your festered corpse off the couch into a dump truck for composting.

    1. A guy could make a killing making deliveries out the back door. Which im sure is happening, actually, I just gave myself a new business plan….

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