Bait and Switch – The Recession Depression Con Game

There is a poll out that says that 83% of Americans believe we are still in a recession.  Indeed it is being reported that the latest negative economic reports show signs of what is being labeled a “New Recession”.  Haven’t we been here before?  You know, like last year.  The propagandists put forth the notion of a “New Recession”, which would indicate that the old recession is something of the past.

Meanwhile, we the people who are forced to deal with reality know that we are, and have been all along, in a deep depression which is growing worse exponentially every day.  In trying to belittle the situation, the paid prostitutes on the mainstream put forth the assertion that though the economy is growing very slowly it is none the less growing.  They say though it is only 2.2% we did see growth in the last quarter.

These cons love to use numbers in their attempted manipulations.

Now let’s look at it for what it is.  Over the last quarter the dollar devalued by 2.2%, thus everything that was bought and sold in that quarter cost 2.2% more.  Now this 2.2%, which in reality represents a decline, is being shown on the books as an increase or growth.

The mainstream propaganda machine has lost credibility to the point that it has been reduced to putting out short slogans designed for nothing more than to give the cowards among us an idiotic response when they are presented with questions involving the truth of the theft and fraud.

It may seem like a lot to do about nothing, but for every day the international corporate mafia can hold onto the status quo, they are able to move more than a billion dollars worth of our stolen natural resources out of this country.  It is like some insane game show wherein the contestant stands in a pile of money and gets to keep however much he or she can grab and hold on to in thirty seconds.

The corporate elite are sick with greed and actually thrive on human suffering as they see the more pain others are suffering equals the more wealth they are acquiring.

These petty propagandists have actually said that the reason 83% of the people believe we are in a recession is because we believe that non-recession is what we had before the recession.  What?  What these loathsome manipulators are trying to do is set a new standard for what is considered prosperity.  Unfortunately for us 83%, this new standard entails 28 million of us accepting unemployment as a way of life and of course all of us accepting the ongoing corporate theft of our resources as the norm.

We have not had two months of real growth in our GDP since 2008.  What we have seen is the devaluation of the dollar and higher prices.  This is not growth.  This is the pathway to disaster.  This depression is not like the so called Great Depression, but rather like the 1930s depression in Germany’s Weimar Republic.

If things continue on the same track that they are on today, we are going to wake up one morning and find ourselves in possession of piles of hundred dollar bills that are literally worthless.   As we are watching our children starve, maybe we will finally realize what actually happened here.  The international bankers have purchased all our tangible wealth, oil, food, gold, etc., using the fiat dollars they create and control.  And as they set the value of their currency when they are buying our oil, they set the purchasing power high to give fewer dollars for more.  Once we have that currency, they drop the value of it so that when we go to use it to make a purchase, we pay more for less.  In the end result we wind up giving them a million dollars worth of oil for a loaf of bread.

This is a con game.  This is how you end up owing money to someone who has robbed you.  This is what these petty propagandists think they can keep putting past us.  The fact that these criminals have been able to perpetrate this simple con upon the American people for so many years is why they believe themselves to be superior to us in intelligence and thus entitled to fleece us.

I’m sure when it all began someone said, “What’s the harm; they are too stupid to understand that they are giving us their country for beads and trinkets.”

Unfortunately for the criminal elite there are still Americans capable of critical thinking who will not be corrupted.  When this con game is explained in simple terms, all who are being screwed understand.  Once it is revealed just how low down and dirty the corporate thieves are, everyone starts looking at everything they are, and have been doing, in a new light.

This is why an army is building behind the Ron Paul Revolution.  The people have become angered through the embarrassment in knowing that they have had $35 trillion worth of raw resources, stolen from them through a bait and switch con that has been used by petty thieves in the bus stops in the inner cities since the first dollar was printed and made available to be stolen.

We must continue to come out for Dr. Paul in greater and greater numbers and let these lowlifes know that not only is this con game coming to a screeching halt, but they are giving everything back and they are going to be punished.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Bait and Switch – The Recession Depression Con Game

  1. We have never been out of recession since it started. It is only getting worse and the media is only false reporting. The Zionist banksters are only propping up the market to mascarade what is really going on. It is an election year the market will usually hold back until after the elections. They couldn’t do that this year due to the state of the economy and the jobless fact in this nation. If only everyone could see through their fasade.

  2. They can call it “recession” all they want, the reality is that this country has been in a depression worse than any other in the history of this nation. I can only imagine what the founding fathers would think of what has become of the nation they fought and died to create.

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