Banned @Youtube BUT, Linked Any Damn Way! -Copy Share- SO THEY “NEVER GET RID OF” THESE BANISHED VIDEOS!!

Before It’s News

This Post Covers Censorship!
Namely – ScrewTUBE!

!!! I Urge All to Save These Below Videos Locally and Repost !!!

Every one of these below videos has cost me a Strike, A Channel Lock Out, or…
My Channel Removed Completely on ScrewTUBE.  

IE: My ‘LedaOhio9‘ Youtube Name started as LedaOhio then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
For posting ANYTHING Talmudic or Anti-Zionist in Nature.

Contact me if you wish to have a State of The Art Free Spot to Host your Truth to Link from.

So, ever since then.. I have kept copies of the more controversial videos that got me banished or posted on other Youtube channels that looked to be ‘potentially’ banished. I saved them for later posting and to serve as a reminder of…
Exactly What It Is Youtube (TPTB) Is Afraid of People Viewing.

“You Only Get FlaK When Above The Target”.
“To know who rules, simply figure out who you can not criticize”.

Let these SAVED Videos serve as a Reminder of what THEY HATE to see in the public Domain.

I Would NOT recommend uploading them to your Youtube or.. Face This!

6 thoughts on “Banned @Youtube BUT, Linked Any Damn Way! -Copy Share- SO THEY “NEVER GET RID OF” THESE BANISHED VIDEOS!!

  1. Yet, videos that demean, or bad mouth Christians and the Christian religion, put up by ‘Tribe’ members, don’t get dumped by Youtube, even when there’s several people reporting the obvious violations.

  2. You have to go through the links to watch the videos. I’ve only made it through two videos and my blood is boiling.

    So how bout that American made hemp rope? These zionist freaks need their necks stretched.

  3. Uh oh. Through the links to Dropbox 509, I’m getting the message, “Error (509) This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”

  4. This is why I never go to their site anymore. The only videos I watch from them are the ones in the articles posted.

    And even then, only if they’re under 10 mins. I can’t watch ANY videos while on the wi-fi (buffer, buffer, buffer), so I have to switch back over to my aircard to watch them. They eat up my airtime far quicker than anything else I do online. That’s the reason for my (self-imposed) time limit.

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