Barack Hussein Obama, You Are A Buffoon.

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Shakespeare said ‘All the world is a stage’ but why do I have to be shamed by a President who plays the part of a buffoon in the final act of the play called world history. I knew when I was 8 years-old that I was born in a dying land. That is why I never married and had children. What’s the point? America was through. It had no future. Sure. There will always be a remnant. Some younger people can and will survive.

I have made plans for the survivors that they may live and prosper but I personally would prefer not to be amongst them. 

Mr Obama, I read that you have sent Special Forces, Navy Seals and CIA agents in against Al Qaeda forces in Libya and Somalia. What does this prove except that you are an idiot and a liar? Al Qaeda means the base or database and was never anything more than a list of Muslims willing to work for Wall Street, His Majesty’s Jewish Government and Israel. You never saw Al Qaeda attack Israel did you? America and NATO attacked Libya in order to destroy the nation on the continent of Africa that led the resistance to imperialism. And you allege that you are America’s first black President?

I do not think you are our President. You represent the Too Big To Jail Banks. You and Eric Holder have refused to prosecute men who have stolen money by the tens of trillions. There will be no recovery until investors know their money will not be stolen. When Attorney General Holder spoke at a Congressional Caucus meeting, he left after 5 minutes. Why? Some members wanted to ask him when he was going to start arresting bankers. The next time an allegedly black journalist interviews you, he might ask you this: Why have you done nothing to stop your Al Qaeda allies in Libya from killing unarmed black civilians? So far the men you put in power in Libya have killed over 40,000 black people.

That alleged black journalist might ask you this: why are you as a black man betraying Africans? The Chinese pledged to invest 100 billion dollars at the Beijing conference in 2010. What is your alternative? You are supporting imperial conquests by military force to take Africa’s natural resources to benefit mostly Jewish investors in New York and London. Mali’s gold is a case in point. Predominantly Jewish bankers stole Germany’s gold deposited in London, New York and Paris. So what do you do? You send in an Al Qaeda terror cell and help France and NATO to invade and take over Mali making sure Africans do not sell their gold to China at a fair market price.

You are currently in Syria helping Al Qaeda to destroy Israel’s neighbors. Do you not see what we are doing? Israel claims all territory from the Nile to the Euphrates. The War on Terror was never anything but America and Israel giving an eviction notice to 300 million Gentiles between the two rivers Israel arrogantly claims. Our wars since 2001 have been to destroy any nation capable of resisting the expanding state of Israel. That explains a lot.

TSA has been groping the genitals at airports of everyone from 13 year-old girls to great-grandmothers. They are looking for Osama bin Laden in our underwear. Yet the FBI said there was no proof Osama did 911. And now Pulitzer prize winning Jewish journalist Seymour Hersh has joined the ranks of those of us who say Osama died in 2001. And that raid in 2011 to capture Osama in Pakistan was a complete fake.

Once and for all Israel did 911. Stop acting as Al Qaeda’s chief arms supplier. America is not Al Qaeda’s Air Force. Enough already. Disband the TSA and the DHS. Stop wiretapping Americans. Save the money from all that and from the cancellation of all our wars and occupations and use it to rebuild America.

You only have a few months left to turn the situation around before the dollar crashes and Americans start starving to death by the millions.

Your Obamacare bill was clearly designed to destroy the American economy. Your first line of attack should have been to require all hospitals, clinics, doctors and pharmacies to publish price lists. No longer should one person get a $30,000 bill and someone else pay a tenth of that. Doctors should not be be allowed to buy a chemo drug for $2,000 and sell it to his patient for $8,000. Nor should any vaccine be administered that is not safe. Gardasil is a prime example of that. And, if babies cannot benefit from shots because they have an infantile immune system, then we should ban the practice of immunizing newborns.

I would also suggest that all existing drugs be tested by clinical doctors against home remedies. If chemo and radiation do no better than sodium bicarbonate, then insurance providers would no longer have to pay for it. That would save lives and money as well.

Israel has been telling the world since 1985 that Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. Frankly, I am tired of hearing Israel whine. America’s 16 intelligence agencies have said Iran has no nuclear weapons development plan. What Iran does have is the ability to resist Israel’s desire to commit genocide. That is why we attacked Iraq and Libya and why we butchering people in Syria. Syria is an ally of Iran. Syria, Iran and Hezbollah do have the ability to fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if they are attacked. Israelis know they cannot live in peace because the Zionists cannot give up their claim to Gentile lands.

Instead of wasting time threatening Iran with World War III and funding Al Qaeda to gouge out the eyes of Catholic and Greek Orthodox priests, we should be addressing the more immediate problem of Fukushima. Why are we paying people to massacre Christians, to destroy Christian churches that were built in 50 A.D. and to commit random acts of cannibalism when there is a real threat coming from north of Tokyo?

Fukushima happened on your watch Mr Obama. March 11, 2011 was two years into your first term. In a few months that radioactive plume in the Pacific Ocean will be off the west coast of the United States. That plume will feed every rain storm coming from our west.  Americans are already bio-accumulating radiation in sufficient amounts to give us cancer. Strontium 90 and cesium 134 and 137 can be absorbed as a substitute for calcium. Strontium 90 led to so many birth defects in the 1950s and early 1960s that women demanded an end to above ground nuclear testing. But those same isotopes can and do cause premature heart failure which are increasing.

Yet because you are a liberal and a buffoon there does not seem to be support on the Left to force you to intervene with the help of China and Russia to do something in Fukushima to save the world. Yes. The World. If Fukushima destroys plant life in the oceans, we will not have sufficient oxygen to sustain human life. Tell me why 7 billion people have to die because you are a buffoon and to stupid to understand what you read in a newspaper?

I do not think America will survive until the 2016 presidential elections. I see no hope for America apart from a military coup. And even then it would take a generation or two to repair the damage done by you and your friends on Wall Street, in the Foundations, the universities, the media and in Hollywood.

Mr Obama, you are a buffoon. You are the fitting symbol of a dying world. You are one last joke played on humanity before the curtain falls on us all.


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    1. Agreed…everytime I read one of vidrebel’s posts (and for some reason I can not post comments on his wordpress blog even though I have a wordpress account!) I wonder about who he is, or she is. Military? Is he black? A journalist? The question of when he was born is also a good one….

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