Best Way to Ram a Car | Offensive Driving Techniques

Published on May 27, 2016 by Tactical Rifleman

This week, chad shows us how to properly ram through a barricade. It’s not like in the movies, where ramming at high-speed plows right through. Try that shit for real and not only do you cause substantially more damage to your vehicle, but you’ll likely also set off the airbag, which will often activate the fuel cutoff… Then you’re screwed.

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5 thoughts on “Best Way to Ram a Car | Offensive Driving Techniques

  1. always drive a large vehicle , full frame ..
    these little shit boxes they tout the gas mileage on aint worth your life

    Ive seen the out come of a large vehicle hitting mid size to smaller vehicles

    it just aint worth the fuel savings

    anyone putting their kid in these sub compact cars these days should have their heads examined

    My family rides in trucks .. period i dont give a crap about no 30 miles to the gallon i care about tons of weight over and above that texting idiot that just came over the center line at me

  2. Wouldn’t try something like this in the Honda I had in L.A., but the truck I have now would git ‘er done.

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