Bethlehem Rioters Set Fire To Pictures Of Obama

Palestinian protestorsBefore It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Palestinians in Bethlehem set fire to pictures of US President Barack Obama on Monday, saying he was not welcome in their city.

Scores of protesters gathered near Manger Square and threw shoes at a US diplomatic vehicle as it arrived at the scene as part of preparations for Obama’s visit to the city later this week.  

The protesters also set fire to signs posted in the city earlier this week reminding Obama that Palestinians still don’t have 3G communications technology.

Similar anti-Obama demonstrations are expected to take place in Ramallah and other Palestinian cities in the coming days.

Not surprising   Obama is over there supporting the fascist, racist, Zionist Israeli state.  Why wouldn’t you burn pictures of a tyrant? -Mort

3 thoughts on “Bethlehem Rioters Set Fire To Pictures Of Obama

  1. I’d burn them too. Maybe get a Voodoo doc to cast a curse and lets see,
    burn baby bumbo, burn. The zionists in israel are culturally shallow
    compared to indigenous people of Palestine.The Holocaust of Palestinians.
    Evil begets evil – Bumbo to israel.

  2. I miss the good old days when they used to burn people like him in effigy.

    That added touch of realism.

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