11 thoughts on “Biden: Amnesty Will Pass ‘Come Hell Or High Water’

      1. I’m surprised Baron von Biden felt comfortable enough to sit there without grabbing his double barrel shotgun and firing a warning shot into the ceiling.

          1. LOL #1.
            I’m betting that guy has an alarm rigged for whenever Cheney is in town.

  1. Obviously the US has not been a representative republic for years (as in fk the people). Whatever the tyrants want will happen – bank on it.

  2. Well it is gonna be an interesting year. I hope they are ready to babysit all the new citizens they create from this because there are a lot of people who will not be happy at all, as in maybe we make them feel less welcome. And I used to be sympathetic toward the illegals, but I got over it after a couple of weeks. I have no sympathy any longer, it is all reserved for the deserving americans, which is actually a small group sad to say.

  3. Biden is nearly as big a looser as obombo….course that’s why he is there…I’am going to wish again, doesn’t seem to work well, never the less…i’ll wish that the military comes and arrest’s obombo and Biden…at the same time, both going to jail…no bail….trial, well, give them a swift military trial..then straight to the end of time for them…..really? Yes, really. How is it that people can sit there, pretending to represent….and just destroy one’s own land……Sit in the WH and do that!….Bush did it. Clinton did it. Bush 1 did it. Reagen some and Carter a little too…Ford covered up the Kennedy Murders…Nixon was thrown out and resigned. LBJ I think, knew of or was part of JFK Murder………and JFK was murdered…..
    Not a good record, is it, at all…..
    And I went to Nam, slavery style to represent all this? Bullshit I did…I’m still in good shape…and ready to go to work….on this problem….
    It’s one hell of a big one, isn’t it.

  4. startpage (search engine) what it takes to become a citizen of Mexico..
    Basically you have to jump thru hoops and have alot of money..just sayin

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