5 thoughts on “Bill Gates: Innovating to zero!

  1. Bill Gates needs to stick to Windows and his cyber reality. Not give speeches to fools, about his take on the climate due to fake carbon emissions, fueled with disinformation, provided by his elite banker supporters, Monsanto (GMO pesticide creeps), mainstream media pay-off”s, and occultist buddies.
    He knows of Tesla’s proposition of free electricity and magnetic generators that require no fuel, browns gas, solar, wind, and hydro systems. The only truth is they can not TAX free energy.
    Gates is a paper puppet.

  2. http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/co2-temperature.html

    NASA’s Chief Weather Scientist, Dr. Hansen, has resigned following the agencies first comprehensive experiment, which determined exactly how greenhouse gasses react to solar radiation.

    As the report and animated video at the link above explain, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide together reflect back into outer space more than 95 percent of solar radiation coming to earth.

    Without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we would fry.

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