BILTMORE UNVEILED: Vanderbilts/Underground Asheville, NC

Jul 18, 2022 Welcome to BILTMORE UNVEILED Today, we have a really long video, really if you are planning on watching this quick trust me it will take a while but it’s worth it. I feel this may be our biggest video, for lots of reasons, but it really can assist someone new to this subject to understand how we may have been lied to when it comes to who really built America and all these old world buildings. We cover the history of the Robber Barons, specifically the VANDERBILTS, and their origins. You will hear some things that they like to gloss over when it comes to mainstream history and biographies, but after bringing them back to light, we can then begin to question the entire story behind these wealthy New York Aristocrats. Afterward, we learn about Asheville NC, there is a really interesting story on the origins of this town and how it is deeply connected with New York. We essentially ask the question of whether the Vanderbilts truly got their riches on their own. Starting as noble farmers working their way from poor to being one of the richest men on the world, or is there something else going on with this story. After the history lesson, we finally get to Biltmore Unveiled: We cover the main counter-argument The History of the Biltmore Our experience going there Our final thoughts and review

2 thoughts on “BILTMORE UNVEILED: Vanderbilts/Underground Asheville, NC

  1. Thank you for bringing this information forth for people to consider. There is no doubt in my mind that there is so much truth that has been hidden from us. The symbolism is right in our face and people do not pay attention to it. It is NOT art. It is a message hidden in plain sight.

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