Bing vs Google: Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon

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INTELCASTER – Here’s something many people are not aware of yet. When you go online to find sensitive truths Bing (and DuckDuckGo) will often do a better job than Google.

Lets take a look at some examples that prove that Google is an information weapon, while Bing is exactly what one would expect it is, a search engine. 

Radioactive Chemtrails

“Chemtrails” remain a controversial topic and Google proves that it hates people looking into that.

When you search for thorium oxide radioactive chemtrails Bing will give you a list of relevant search results:

Google, on the other hand, will create the impression that only conspiracy theorists believe that chemtrails are part of reality.

Rita Katz CIA

Rita Katz (SITE Intel) is known for fabricating ISIS and other “terrorist” content. She then goes on to claim that she found the content at forums and chats where terrorists gather and plan their next “attacks”. Obviously Katz is an Israeli intelligence agent, which makes her part of one or more CIA operations.

Compare the different kinds of search results that Google and Bing serve you when you look up Rita Katz CIA.





Clearly, you’d think that we are talking about two different persons. The Rita at Google and the one at Bing. Where Google serves you irrelevant search results for your query by promoting her “skills”, Bing serves you search results that are much closer to information that you’d need to get an actual realistic picture of Rita Katz.

Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake 2011 (Japan)

The Miyagiken-Oki earthquake of 2011 occurred at 2.46 pm (local time) on March 11, in the Miyagi prefecture of Japan. The Miyagiken-Oki earthquake was THE earthquake that triggered Japan’s earthquake alert system. Miyagiken-Oki was the official name for that earthquake, as also documented by TEPCO.

As I’ve proven before, the 2.46 pm earthquake did not and COULD NOT trigger the tsunami that washed away parts of Japan’s east coast that day.

Aside from being mentioned in TEPCO’s Miyagiken-Oki earthquake press releases the Miyagiken-Oki earthquake never happened as far as “authoritative” sources are concerned. This shows that starting March 12, the next day, a major whitewashing operation was being rolled out. An operation that was created to hide the fact that something dubious had happened on March 11, 2011.

Japan’s early-warning system didn’t send out a tsunami warning for this earthquake (at 2.46 pm local time), at all. How could it, the earthquake was on land so no tsunami alert was needed.

According to the JMA the first tsunami warning was sent out at 14:49, a full 3 minutes after Kurihara City, in the Miyagi Prefecture, was hit by the above earthquake (at 14:46).

Whatever triggered the tsunami, and whoever was involved in it, surely it was not a “natural” event:

“Many people in the zones affected by the tsunami evacuated to safety, but others were not so fortunate. Why did some people evacuate immediately and others wait until it was too late? In interviews with survivors, we sought to find answers to that question. These interviews revealed that many residents did not get accurate warnings, and many chose to stay in dangerous locations in part because they misunderstood the risks. – Eos, Vol. 92, No. 46, 15 November 2011

That warnings were not accurate was not because Japan was being clumsy, Japan is an expert when it comes to earthquake alerts and they didn’t screw things up that day. What did happen, though, is that their warning system was being tampered with – possible hijacked by/through the USGS.

As far as Google is concerned, the March 11 Miyagiken-Oki earthquake never happened. It has been expunged from history’s records. Instead we get this, as the official narrative:

“The 9.1-magnitude (Mw) undersea megathrust earthquake occurred on 11 March 2011 at 14:46 JST (05:46 UTC) in the north-western Pacific Ocean at a relatively shallow depth of 32 km (20 mi)”

Bing, on the other hand, does show that the Miyagiken-Oki earthquake of March 11 was a real event in history and that it did not trigger a tsunami at 2.46 pm that day.

It could not trigger a tsunami heading for Japan’s east coast since it was an earthquake on land and not a sea quake, the “sea quake” that triggered the tsunami occurred 3 minutes later. This is actually a huge thing because science and history have provably been falsified. Attributing the tsunami to the wrong triggering event is very, extremely, unscientific and would normally never be accepted by the scientific community unless people are being threatened, to shut up or lose your job (or worse).


Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

Is the flu vaccine effective? Does it work well enough to consider getting a shot?

Well, that depends on who you ask. When you ask Bing, the first percentages for effectiveness that are being given are “40% and 60%”.


When you ask Google its search results will say that the effectiveness is between 66% and 70%:

The truth is, based on proper research, that flu vaccine effectiveness is somewhere between 36% and 48%, on average.

Bitcoin Zionists

Imagine thinking that zionists control bitcoin, whether that is factually accurate or not is for this experiment irrelevant.

When you search for “bitcoin zionists” with Bing you’ll get pretty relevant search results, when just the query is considered.


Doing the same search with Google will get you bombarded with toxic propaganda that has literally nothing to do with your query. Google clearly is a weapon that is doing favors for “them” (read: revisionist zionists)…


9/11 Truth

Still more and more people want to find out what really did happen on September 11, in 2001.

Using Bing, you get somewhere relevant. Its first search result speaks for itself.


Using Google, you mostly get the impression that 9/11 truth is something being looked into by conspiracy theorists only – people who, allegedly, wrongfully believe that the official 9/11 story is not true.



Additionally, lets compare the search results for the same queries, now with DuckDuckGo.

Radioactive Chemtrails Thorium Oxide

DuckDuckGo is similar to Bing, no propaganda like Google is serving you.

Rita Katz CIA

Similar as Bing, for Rita Katz CIA:

Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake 2011

Similar as Bing for the March 11 earthquake:

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

Similar to Bing:

Bitcoin Zionists

Similar to Bing:

9/11 Truth

Also similar to Bing:


Obviously, there is nothing wrong with Bing and DuckDuckGo – and obviously there is a lot wrong with Google.

Bing and DuckDuckGo are real search engines that do what you expect them to do. Google, on the other hand, is not a search engine anymore. It is a weaponized information gateway that is trying to shape public opinion, and that indoctrinates the masses. That’s a very different goal than Bing and DuckDuckGo have.

I consider all of this actual evidence of an information war being waged against the public at large and no script/algorithm tweaking at Google labs will ever be able to hide Google’s real purpose.

One thought on “Bing vs Google: Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon

  1. [copy of my email to Henry]


    First of all thanks a lot for republishing the Bing vs Google report. People are already relying on it to get the info contained in the report.


    Both and are under a sustained attack since the 23rd and the 24th, respectively, after the “Bing vs Google” and “Fake is News” reports went online.

    Both websites their back-ends are still inaccessible from where I am accessing the internet and several others have informed me that they can’t get to both websites. They either get blank pages or 504 error notices.

    Please, go to the frontpage of where I have published a status report about what is going on. It’s my free backup blog at WordPress.

    Additionally, from where I am visiting your website, From the Trenches, I can’t see the images that are included in the Bing vs Google report, even though they are served by the domain. I do see the text that you copy/pasted from the original report but the images are not loading.

    Therefore, attached to this email are the images that are included in that report. When too many of your visitors can’t see the images or they are not loading for them then the report doesn’t make any sense of course. Should you want to, you can use these attached images for the copy of the report on your website. The file name for each is the same, as they are included in the report.

    I know this means some extra work on your side but it’s obvious that the two reports are doing damage and I hope we can expand the damage that we are doing to The Syndicate.

    There are also two backups over at Hashbase:

    #FAKEisNEWS: The Manufacturing of a Fake News War

    Bing vs Google: Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon

    Thanks for your help and for wanting to stand up regardless of what they have been throwing at us and you.

    Let me know if you need more info.



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