11 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather?

    1. Aha! So it is a fake. Well, the meaning of the photo is anyways. We all know the bastards are a part of the same club regardless.

  1. It looks like a typical diplomatic event to me. See Truth’s comment for the reason behind the outfits. And whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t seem like they were trying very hard to keep it a secret.

    It’s POSSIBLE that world leaders are actually in cahoots with each other, but I’ve yet to see any indication of that. If there is proof of such a secret alliance, I doubt it’s in the form of a photo.

    While it’s a mistake to reject all “conspiracy theories” without a moment’s thought, it’s equally an error to accept them uncritically. Huge leaps to conclusions without supporting evidence are best avoided, as they can damage or destroy the public credibility needed to spread information that we KNOW is true (like Israel’s involvement in 9/11).

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