Birthplace of The Bill of Rights was Just Demolished by a Developer

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

When the US Constitution was being developed in the years following the Revolutionary War, there were plenty of voices in American politics who were absolutely opposed to the document, for fear that it would give the government too much power. These men would become known as the Anti-Federalists, and they were largely responsible for forging the greatest check on the Federal Government’s power, the Bill of Rights.  

Sadly, the birthplace of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution was almost completely destroyed recently. The James Bell Tavern, which was the site of an early Anti-Federalist meeting in 1788, was partially demolished this month by a developer. The property was previously run by an auto shop and owned by the Triple Crown Corporation, who received a permit to destroy the building by the Silver Spring Township in Pennsylvania. For reasons that haven’t been determined, the township failed to list the property as a historical landmark.

The demolition was put on hold after an anonymous source alerted the township’s Conservation and Preservation Committee to the building’s historical status. Unfortunately, about a third of the structure had already been destroyed by that point.

As unfortunate as this may be, the current state of the building is rather fitting considering the current state of our nation. Just as the James Bell Tavern is standing on its last leg, so too is our Bill of Rights, which the US Government violates on a regular basis. Perhaps the building should be left in this sorry state, to remind us all of how far our nation has fallen.

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5 thoughts on “Birthplace of The Bill of Rights was Just Demolished by a Developer

  1. I will tell you they probably got money in 1975-6 to “restore” the building and worked extensively on it. The latest loons in Guber-mint and the ring knockers would LIKE to see this place gone. Buy more ammo. Liberty1775

  2. Now if we can just send that developer to Israel.
    Then they can demolish the epicenter of evil.
    I wonder if the developer was a mason or a jew.
    Obviously not conscience of the value of this property.
    Gotta be a foreigner.
    No able blooded American would have even thought of doing such a thing.
    If anything they should have restored it.
    Oh well goes to show you we’ve been invaded.

  3. What kind of scum bag would want this place gone? Probably going to replace it with a tranny strip joint.

  4. Isn’t it typical and customary that an invading force needs to destroy all of the symbols and customs of the previous regime or society so as to mold the people into their new image?

    We did the very same thing when we went into Berlin and blew up the Swastika on top of the Chancery, just as we toppled the statutes of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad … so now this Occupation Army is slowly but surely destroying ALL the symbology of our American culture and heritage by disparaging all the old racist White Men who wrote the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights down to the Confederate Flag and Crosses throughout the land because SLAVES don’t have a country and they don’t need a God other than the State, who can have NO GOD !

    The Antelope, 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 66, 120, 6 L.Ed. 268 (1825) (But from the earliest times war has existed, and war confers rights in which all have acquiesced. Among the most enlightened nations of antiquity, one of these was, that the victor might enslave the vanquished.);

    Fleming v. Page, 50 U.S. 603, 607 (1850) (The jurisdiction of the conqueror is complete. He may change the form of government and the laws at his pleasure, and may exercise every attribute of sovereignty. The conquered territory becomes a part of the domain of the conqueror, subject to the right of the nation to which it belonged to recapture it if they can. By reason of this right to recapture, the title of the conqueror is not perfect until confirmed by treaty of peace. But this imperfection in his title is, practically speaking, important only in case of alienation made by the conqueror before treaty. If he sells, he sells subject to the right of recapture. But although, for purposes of sale, the title of the conqueror is imperfect before cession, for purposes of government and jurisdiction his title is perfect before cession. As long as he retains possession he is sovereign; and not the less sovereign because his sovereignty may not endure for ever.);

    Inter arma silent leges. In time of war the laws are silent. It applies between the state and its external enemies, and also in cases of civil disturbance where extrajudicial force may supersede the ordinary process of law. Cf. Belligerent; Droits of admiralty; Hostility; Irregular process; Silent leges inter arma; War; Wise v. Withers, 3 Cranch 331, 9 U.S. 331 (1806); Ex parte Milligan, 4 Wall. 2, 18 L.Ed. 281 (1866); Duncan v. Kahanamoku, 327 U.S. 304 (1946);

    Laws are silent amidst arms {Silent leges inter arma; 4 Co. Inst. 70}. Cf. Articles of War, 1 Story’s Laws U. S. 992; Vattel, Droit des Gens. liv. 3, § 179; The Art of War, Sun Tzu (China);

    If you want peace prepare for war {Si vis pacem, para bellum};

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