Black Chemtrail in Oregon


I took these photos a few weeks ago. They’re not the best, but I was shooting into the sun, so the contrast isn’t the greatest. This was the 2nd time I’ve seen one here in a year.

At least these didn’t make me sick.

DSC01621 DSC01619

4 thoughts on “Black Chemtrail in Oregon

  1. I haven’t seen many of these over the years, maybe a half dozen or so. This was the first time I had the camera handy, though. Usually I saw them when I was out driving.

    The very first one I saw in L.A. made myself & many of the people I knew really sick… simultaneously. Very nasty stuff, depending on whatever concoction they put together on any given day.

    1. I hear ya, Hatr… there they are; clear as day.
      Black chemtrails.

      Not very obvious against a gray sky, but you can see ’em clear enough. I wonder why I haven’t seen them here yet. (I do look at these things) Maybe there are too many Feds near me.

      1. Actually, it was the same trail, JR. But I was only shooting into sun on the 3rd one (from the other side of the apt.). That one shows a parallel white chemtrail that was dispensed not long after I took the first 2 shots.

  2. Relax people.
    Put your minds at ease.
    It’s what you can’t see that you need to be paranoid about.
    Don’t forget they live here too.
    So they are spraying themselves…and their minions.
    It won’t bother them….
    Because they are non human dna anomalies.
    Go figure….
    I guess the bible does have some truth to it.

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