Bleeding Republican States Dry

Patriot Post – by Robin Smith

We’re about to coin a new phrase that perfectly captures the deliberately destructive tool of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the hands of Barack Obama and the socialist Left. We’ll call it the “psychosis of socialism.”

The psychosis of socialism is on display as the final rule of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) has been set into motion. It mandates by 2030 a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions — the same gas you exhale upon healthy respiration — 32% lower than levels of 2005. The CPP will cost the U.S. economy an estimated $2.5 trillion lost in economic growth, with 66 power plants closed and 125,000 jobs eliminated that generate America’s electricity. That’s on top of 200 plants already forced into retirement.  

To achieve this Leftist government-sanctioned objective, Obama has employed the power and bureaucracy of a radicalized and weaponized EPA coupled with an almost unseen but very effective Sierra Club activist group, Beyond Coal, which is funded by former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The hostility of the Obama administration and the socialist Left toward an industry that employs thousands in Republican-voting states is evidenced in the comments of Bruce Nilles, the leader of Beyond Coal. Nilles, who developed “boot camps” to block coal permits “on every conceivable angle,” soared and roared in his rhetoric recently, saying, “Once we’ve taken out coal, we’ll need to take on oil … It’s a long fight.”

Psychosis of socialism, anyone?

Meanwhile, Obama’s plan for mandatory reductions in emissions are most stringent in states where you won’t find coal. They are also not states with populations that generally buy into the “science of man-made global warming.”

STATE Emission Reduction Population
Montana -47% 1.02 million
South Dakota -48% 853,175
North Dakota -45% 739,482
Wyoming -44% 584,153
Kansas -44% 2.9 million
Iowa -42% 3.1 million

And, here we are, supposedly using “science” to severely reduce man-made emissions in six states with a combined population of just over nine million. Hence, the psychosis of socialism, where the government-control of industry, commerce and the economy is driven by the imaginary musings and suicidal policies of the militant Left has to explain this new environmental policy.

In these states with the highest mandatory reductions, what drives this policy? Is it the smog from bumper-to-bumper traffic in Montana or the factories belching out black particulate matter in Wyoming on block after block?

Yeah, we’ve just proven it’s not the science. But, with the exception of Iowa, which is politically “powder blue” and moving more toward purple, these states are politically conservative.

In other words, Obama and those who live in the psychotic state of socialism are specifically targeting states that have served as his political opponents, with some having the audacity to challenge Saudi Arabia as the new giants of oil.

By 2030, based on the EPA’s own data, a projected reduction of 0.01 degrees Celsius will result at a cost of jobs, an increase in the price of electricity, and any other product or service that involves that demon of First World living called energy.

In a September 2014 hearing before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, the EPA could not deny the facts presented by Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) that the exorbitant price paid and sacrifice of the American people and our economy for these 2030 objectives equal “just over 13 days of Chinese emissions.”

Got that? For 16 years, hard-working American taxpayers are required to lose their jobs, pay more for energy, and adapt to a “new normal” for less than 16 days of emissions being churned out by China.

Recently, GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina summed up the psychosis of socialism with two accurate statements. Fiorina observed that liberals say, “I’m prepared for you to lose your job in the name of sending a signal to whom? China could care less; in fact, China is delighted.” She concluded, “It is ridiculous for the Obama administration to call ISIS a strategic distraction and then go on to say that climate change is the single most pressing national security issue of our time.”

Conservative states are being targeted with despicable policies that have one result: harm to the United States.

Obama and his psychotic socialist Leftists have a tool that they wield for power and destruction in the form of the EPA. A wise proverb applies: “A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

4 thoughts on “Bleeding Republican States Dry

  1. “It mandates by 2030 a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions — the same gas you exhale upon healthy respiration…”

    How about a reduction in the aluminum ’emissions’.

    To ZERO!

  2. Now wait a minute…
    How are psychopathy and emissions related? I mean the emissions from DC. We must understand these people are literally ill. Something went wrong in their brains either during fetal development, or drug abuse, or they were just dropped on their head when they were just days old. Not to make lite of the situation. We, as a nation, ARE IN DEEP SHIT!

    On the surface, it may seem like a simple solution. Get rid of these sycophants, and life will be peachy, right? NO. George Orwell[1984] perfectly described the problem as “double speak.” Problem is, these people aren’t only talking to us, they somehow miss the fact that, on a subconscious level, they are hearing every word they say and buying it lock, stock, and barrel. I mean on a gut level. Everything “feels” right in their universe when they spew this trash, but they can’t seem to smell the rotting, age old, carcasses of those ideas, literally to save their own life.

    I could sit here and attack individuals, but it’s more than that. It’s systemic. Today, with vast numbers of people on SSRI [Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor] type drugs that are clouding their “critical thinking” skills, if they ever had a chance to develop them, there is a “double THINK” taking place also. Doing differently than what logically one would do. This may seem obvious to readers of FTTWR. “Double speak” quickly morphs into “double think,” whereby people don’t know which way is up, down or sideways, confusing the hell out them, especially those taking SSRI’s. Sort of like a “DOS” attack on the brain. Nothing intelligible gets in to logically analyze. Thereby lies the rub.

    So the sheeple, not wanting to face reality because it’s too uncomfortable and will upset their world in such a way forcing them to try to think, just float through life until they hit the wall. Then they lose it and we have news like school shootings, etc. This aside from the pure evil of other human beings.

    When this revolution starts, initially there will be much carnage. Keep your kith and kin close to your side and protect them from the harm that will befall hundreds of thousands of people. It won’t be pretty, but it’s necessary, unfortunately.

    I must apologize for the grim flavor of reality. It’s time to get the show on the road. One way or the other it’s gonna happen. TPTB, as psychotic as they are, are forcing it. One way or the other. At this point it’s avoidable.

    God bless this republic….. -Hoppes

    1. Actually, very few psychopaths are born that way (or are brought up that way…we’re talking kids of illuminati here, who are forced to watch and partake in ritual murders and )…most psychopaths were once narcissists (wannabe psychopaths) and have graduated to being psychopaths. There are a few individuals who are born with mal-functioning parts of the brain that relate to conscience and empathy, who are “born psychopaths”. Of those who are NOT raised to become psychos like illuminati kids, are those who becomee psychos because they are abused or neglected or not disciplined, have no concept of right and wrong since they aren’t raised that way, or are targeted by dark forces and as with illuminati kids are developed to compartmentalize (disassociative personality or multiple personalities) and are handled by the CIA, etc. (Cathy O’Brien, Svali, and others). Others like politicians become psychos because that way they can excuse the fact that they know they are criminals but the payoff is too great so they excuse their lack of conscience (besides, if they turn to the bright side they know they’ll get whacked).

      In other words, most psychos choose to be that way!

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