Bloomberg Backed Anti-Gun Group Takes On NC Gun Law They Don’t Understand

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I’ve been remiss in covering the latest Freak Out by the anti-gunnites here in North Carolina, which extends to the Typical Liberal Media here in Raleigh, in Charlotte, and other news outlets. Let’s see what this is really, really about

(Breitbart) Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety is fighting the repeal of a law that requires North Carolinians to acquire a permit to purchase a handgun before they can actually purchase one. They are doing this by equating the permit to purchase with background checks and suggesting that if the permits are repealed, background checks will be repealed as well.

But repealing a state-issued permit to purchase has nothing to do with federal background checks.

In North Carolina’s present system, potential handgun purchasers have to acquire a permit to purchase from a local sheriff before they are allowed to go buy a handgun. State Reps. Jacqueline Shaffer (R-Mecklenburg) and John Faircloth (R-Guilford) believe a streamlined system—where North Carolinians don’t have to get a permit to exercise their Second Amendment rights—is a better approach, so they have put forward House Bill 562.

HB 562 would get the state government out of the way so North Carolinians can buy handguns without first asking the state for permission via the permit to purchase requirement. And HB 562 would in no way impact federal background checks, which every North Carolinian will still have to pass every time they buy a handgun from a retail outlet.

Background checks will still be required. Period. But, instead of going down to the sheriff’s office, waiting in line, then finally getting that permit (I’ve had to do this myself twice), and possibly getting denied because they said so, this streamlines the process of exercising our 2nd Amendment Right. If liberals do not like that, then they should attempt to get the 2nd changed or repealed.

Bob Owens notes something interesting

The pistol permit was introduced into North Carolina law in the Jim Crow-era South, when the NC Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan were one in the same.

The intent of the permitting process was brutal and simple: Klansmen didn’t want to get shot while cross-burning and lynching, and so they wanted to ensure that blacks in Jim Crow North Carolina didn’t have the legal right to own handguns. The permits had to be applied for in person so that local sheriffs could deny permits based on race.

That this same permitting scheme still applies in 2015 is a travesty of justice.

Nothing is done with said permits after they are processed. Are liberal anti-gunnites, including Bloomberg’s group, against making it easier for law abiding Blacks to obtain a firearm?

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg Backed Anti-Gun Group Takes On NC Gun Law They Don’t Understand

  1. We finally got rid of an old, useless law and these morons want to bring it back. I would like to see a provision enacted keeping these Bloomberg followers from even being in NC to start with. After all, look at he has done for gun control in NYC. The crime rate is soaring, and the NYPD is armed better than the U.S. military. If they really want to stop unnecessary killings, start by taking away the guns that the police carry! It seems as though “Officer Friendly” has died and been replaced by moron Robocops in far too many places.

  2. The Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein & Brady legal team isn’t going to stop. They have their orders from the King of the Jews, Rothschild himself, and they’ll keep pushing for one new infringement after another, until they’re dead.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about their stupid gun laws, other than not getting caught breaking them. It’s really too close to kick-off time to worry very much about what these idiots are doing this week. You’re better off getting in more range time than trying to fight the passage of new gun laws, because they’ll be endless, and they’ll be consuming your time needlessly.

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