4 thoughts on “Bloomberg: In Israel’s Situation, What Would America Do?

  1. Is this khazar advocating self-defense by using firearms? I guess he believes it’s ok for joos to “defend” themselves on a genocidal level but Americans should be completely disarmed and defenseless against all threats, both foreign and domestic. He qualifies as both.

  2. If the rolls were reversed and the America Hater was still POTUS?

    He would surrender and give as many concessions as possible. Obvious I thought.

  3. Is it me or does Valerie Jarrett look like a muppet on the Muppet show?

    Two Faced Pee-wee thinks it’s OK for the Zionists to have guns and weapons but not us Americans. I see how it is.

    Hang the two bastards!

  4. “In Israel’s Situation, What Would America Do?”

    Better question: In Palestine’s Situation, What Would America Do?

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