Bloomberg’s Real Agenda: Self-Defense is ‘Gun Violence’


Yesterday, a small group of supporters congregated in Concord, New Hampshire to support Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. They read off a list of people “killed by guns” while standing before their “No More Names” bus.

In the rush to demonize gun owners, the New Hampshire Union Leader chose to focus on one “gun rights supporter” arrested when he “placed his hand on an officer.” If this man indeed assaulted somebody, that’s a criminal act, and all reasonable people will condemn it. However, a much more interesting assault occurred that received no coverage: the Mayors Against Illegal Guns consider self-defense to be “gun violence.”  

While mourning the names of “gun violence victims,” organizers read off the name “Tamerlan Tsarnaev,” one of the two brothers who committed the mass bombing at this year’s Boston Marathon. He and his brother “carjacked a man in a Mercedes-Benz, keeping him with them in the car for half an hour before releasing him at a gas station in Cambridge.” They were fleeing when police chased them down, and engaged in a “gun battle” with police, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed.

This is curious. Does Mayor Bloomberg—one of the richest men in the world who receives 24/7 police protection—expect his police bodyguards to simply die so he may live? If they shoot an attacker, will he destroy their career because they committed “gun violence”?

You could counter that this is just an indication of the type of useful tools supporting Bloomberg’s agenda. But Bloomberg wants the world to see him as a leader, and he’s spent more money on his anti-rights agenda than the NRA and firearms manufacturers together, including the millions Bloomberg has donated to Mayors Against Illegal Guns. So it’s reasonable to conclude that his minions promote his beliefs.

This is an assault not only on the Second Amendment, but on your right to life: If you defend yourself against a violent attacker, you’re committing gun violence!

  • When 52-year-old Susan Pohl was stabbed by her attacker, she wasn’t defending herself with the best tool to even the playing field, she committed gun violence.
  • When Clarence Wesley killed the robber who had just shot her own son, she wasn’t following the legal principle that you have the right to use deadly force when another person’s at risk of grievous bodily harm, she added to the gun violence.

When one of the wealthiest men in the world, surrounded by his personal armed bodyguards, tells you to do as he says but not as he does, perhaps it becomes a little more understandable that law-abiding citizens might become a little agitated: It’s King George trying to disarm us all over again.

14 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Real Agenda: Self-Defense is ‘Gun Violence’

  1. Funny how Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Emmanuel et al aren’t interested in gun control in *their* country.

    1. That’s right.
      Jews have no problems with Israeli’s owning machineguns.
      Moreover, they just love huge border walls, which they constantly try to undermine here in the US by saying border walls are “racist” & “xenophobic”

  2. Jews despise guns for two reasons: they allow the citizens to not have to rely on the government for their protection & guns also allow the citizens to thwart or even reverse an attempt at tyranny by….Jews like Bloomberg, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, etc.

  3. By all means, STOP the spread of gun violence, STOP all arms transfers to Israel. STOP “enabling” violence by halting ALL money or any form of aid to Israel.

  4. These people realllly need to find a new dealer. The crap they are smoking or snorting has screwed up their brains so bad this is how they think. Maybe in Bloomberg’s case the ink from the money he’s been sniffing has done it. If these people go any farther left they’re going to fall off the planet.

  5. ‘Mikey,’ your ploy to hitch your 2016 presidential campaign wagon to this issue is firing blanks.
    Not many want your entitled sense of self-appointed nobility to bother them and they damn sure don’t want you controlling gun rights.

    Maybe you can get your Kosher Komrades in Israel to set off another false flag and murder some more kids, that might do the trick, except it didn’t work in Newtown.

  6. Not to worry, Bloominidiot. Once you’ve been tried and convicted of treason, we PROMISE not to put you in front of a firing squad, seeing as how you’re so afraid of guns (rightfully so, at least the ones you don’t control).

    We’ll just give you a nice quiet hemp necktie, so instead of gunfire, the last thing you’ll ever hear will be the sound of your own wretched neck snapping.

    Hope this eases your worried mind.

    1. Nah, he needs to catch The BMT. The Broadway Express, he’s a busy guy! He can catch it at one of the stations where it doesn’t stop!

  7. Bloomberg is part of the tribe of Communist Jews. His method is to oppress the city in order to desensitize the people to further Orwellian measures. “your chocolate ration has been increased to 15 grams. Double plus good”…

  8. Maybe it`s just me, but I think Bloomberg, Feinstein, Obama and, and, and, are actually begging us (We The People) to bring them to court for treason so they can rat out those who are oppressing them into doing and saying the things they say and do. Like maybe the NSA, CIA, FBI, Israel, or, or, or. The point is no one in their right mind would do, or say the things these people say and do without a very good reason such as blackmail.
    Unfortunately for them the only way to find out is to get them in front of an unbiased court for treason, and in America there is no such thing as an unbiased court.

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