Bombshell Lawsuit Links CLINTON TO 2 MURDERS, Sickening Details Released

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We know the Clinton’s have a very sordid past, with accusations of both murder and sexual assault being among the claims against them. Now, a lawsuit filed in Arkansas could truly shed some light on just how bad the Clinton’s really are.

According to papers filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas Western Division, Linda Ives has filed suit against various departments of the United States government under the Freedom of Information Act to learn the truth about the death of her son Larry Kevin Ives and Don Henry in 1987. (To see the full complaint,click here.)  

Ms. Ives believes, according the filings, “…the only reason she has not received adequate responses is that an adequate response would show crimes by government officials and would expose them and government agencies to suits for damages.” Named in the suit are:

  • CIA
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • DoJ
  • DHS
  • FBI
  • United States Attorney’s Office
  • United States Department of State
  • State of Arkansas
  • Arkansas State Police
  • Bryant Police Department
  • Saline County Sheriff’s Office

This is of importance for this election in that Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas when these mysterious murders took place and he is specifically mentioned as a major player throughout the complaint.

The case is famously known at The Boys on the Tracks, a Mara Leveritt book documenting the case. In her book, she claims the local medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, said the deaths were accidental, but a later report from Chief Medical Examiner of Dekalb County showed the deaths were actually homicides.

According to the book and several other reports, the boys overheard a conversation by a drug dealer and were at that location because they were expecting a drug drop to happen there and wanted to rip off the drug dealers.

The assumption here is that the boys were actually murdered by the drug cartel for trying to rip them off and then the entire incident was covered up to actually protect the operation.

This is where the tie-in to the Clinton’s begins. An Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) staffer, Larry Nichols, reportedly filed a request with the Governor’s office in 1988 for Arkansas Travelers certificates for individuals associated with these drug activities.

Later, a documentary called The Clinton Chronicles claimed the ADFA, a bonding agency Bill Clinton helped to create, was nothing more than money laundering agency for the drug cartels using Arkansas as a gateway.

Bill Clinton is further implicated in the filing as being associated with and/or having recommended CIA operatives directly involved with the Contra drug-smugglers.

There is further documentation suggesting Bill Clinton and/or his friends were receiving as much as 10 percent in “kickbacks” from these drug operations.

This case could definitively prove Clinton corruption dating back to his days as governor and possibly much earlier.

His ties to the individuals in question are well-documented, so the case seems sound, but the key is if the courts actually grant her request under the Freedom of Information Act to find out the truth about her son’s death.

If she is in fact awarded the unredacted records and documents associated with the case, it may uncover one of the most despicable and horrifying Clinton scandals to date.

Angry Patriot

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