Boston: a cynically calculated rehearsal

(Image credit: The National Guard/Flickr)End the Lie – by Richard Cottrell

The aim is to be able to lock down America (or anywhere else). Urgent need: a script. The powers that be decide on a real time live lab exercise to discover the mechanics.

Needs to know include:

– How fast planners can shut down and gain control of a very large and complex city.  

– How the population might react when subjected to the first total shut down America has ever witnessed (bearing in mind no such thing happened after Oklahoma,  9/11, Madrid, 7/7 in London et al, so the ‘lessons’ learned are obviously portable).

– How ghoulish the strike must be – preferably aimed at innocents enjoying themselves. Pick a profile event where foreigners are present, such as Boston’s marathon tourists. Location, location, location as they say in the real estate trade.

– How willingly will the population knuckle under and comply with complete cop and military rule, no transport, emergency services, people confined to their homes under fiat order, etc. Martial law in all but name with no legit edict.

Next it is very important to discover how fast you could subdue a large segment of the population and impose martial law, how much will you share with pliant and obedient sections of the media in advance and in the subsequent cover up. No messy shoot-ups.

Using this live open-air laboratory, study and note very carefully how people in the rest of America react, not excluding foreign reactions.

Then gauge carefully where resistance appears to the running script of a terrorist attack and where the holes appear in the narrative that threaten blowback consequences.

Then you figure out:

– What must you do to construct and reinforce the message and the narrative that allows you to get away with hijacking an entire city?

– How do you cope with those awkward persons who start to ask hard questions?

– How do the temporarily imprisoned respond when the controls are lifted – indignation, civil unrest and so forth, or simple resignation and relief that it ‘wasn’t much worse’?

– How do you select and criminalize the selected patsies? Preferably choose an obscure avenue which damns a minority usefully present in the US who are shown to have connections to the ex-Soviet Union (the Evil Empire).

Then in the standard pattern of the Gladio Strategy of Tension, present the guy next door, or at school with your kids, as the enemy within. Dramatize brainwashing.

So, to summarize, as an agent of the ruling power tasked with running this experiment, what would your plan be and how exactly how would you carry it through?

My response is depressingly the following:  the architects of Boston must be very pleased with the results. Boston fell for it and America fell for it, and so did Europe and more or less everywhere else. Mass anesthesia.

Let’s not overlook the concurrent huge blast at the fertilizer plant near, of all places (co-incidentally?) Waco, the scene of a previous atrocity (and close to George Bush’s ranch). The pictures resemble Hiroshima after the bomb dropped. Waco and Boston overlapped. Did they just leave that explosive stuff lying around or was it set off deliberately, another grisly experiment.

By any standards Waco was a massive peacetime catastrophe with a lot of horrific casualties and mass devastation but Boston won the pops when it came to coverage. I think it may have been another test run, and a very clever one in psychological terms at that.

Lessons have been learned, failures understood, success noted and ticked, new blueprints under preparation.

In the 1960′s through to the 1980′s NATO’s Gladio secret armies with their consorts in organized crime and among extreme right organizations carried out what became known as the ‘Strategy of Tension.’

Something wicked this way comes. Gladio has opened its American operation.

The strategy was intended to convince Europeans of the ‘enemy within’ – sleeping communist cells bent on overthrowing the established system.

Now Muslim fanatics are the order of the day. Each new atrocity, then a new round of chains prepared to bind Americans to the loss of civil liberties and freedoms granted by the Constitution.

You have been warned.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Doctor Who? The Atomic Bomber Beeching and his War on the Railways is available and Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is now available from Progressive Press. You may order it using the link below (or by clicking here – Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis):

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One thought on “Boston: a cynically calculated rehearsal

  1. Our country has been taken over, and the “forces” have been brainwashed, or were selected for their unique willingness to inflict hard and injustice.

    I am very moved by the good police out there, and wish they would work to help us. IF they are going to be a standing army in the US, maybe we can convince them of the right side to be on.

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