Boston High School Dean, Reverend and Anti-Gun Activist, Arrested For Dealing Drugs and Shooting Student Dealer In Head “Execution Style”….

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This story is beyond incredible, yet it obviously doesn’t fit the MSM narrative – hence it doesn’t make the news cycle.

A black Boston Public School Dean, Reverend Shaun Harrison (55), is arrested for shooting a student in the head execution style. Apparently Reverend Shaun Harrison, in addition to being a Dean at the school, was the primary drug dealer and the student he shot was one of his hires paid to sell marijuana.

The “Rev” Harrison was also a well known anti-gun/violence activist in the community.  

You can’t make this stuff up folks…. move along, move along…

(CNN)—A dean at a Boston public high school has been fired after he allegedly shot one of his students in the head.

In addition to his work as “dean of academy” at English High School, Shaun Harrison ran a marijuana distribution enterprise, Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney David Bradley said in a news release.

His victim was a 17-year-old student he had allegedly hired to sell marijuana for him, Bradley said at an arraignment hearing Thursday.

According to police documents, the teen told authorities he was regularly mentored by Harrison, whom he called “Rev.”

Bradley said the two left Harrison’s residence Tuesday evening and were walking along a street when a dispute arose. Harrison then “produced a handgun, pointed it at the back of the victim’s head, and fired,” the release said.

Surveillance footage, which police have not released, captured the incident.

The teen, whom police have yet to identify, was shot behind the right ear, according to a police report. He is expected to survive his injuries, the release said.

Harrison has been charged with armed assault with intent to murder, aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He also faces multiple weapons charges.

The 55-year-old had been employed with Boston Public Schools in various roles since 2010.

He had been at English High School since January 5, where as “dean of academy,” he “provided services like finding housing for homeless students or social services or disciplinary alternatives to suspension,” said Denise Snyder, a representative for Boston Public Schools. (read more – including video of family and activism)


3 thoughts on “Boston High School Dean, Reverend and Anti-Gun Activist, Arrested For Dealing Drugs and Shooting Student Dealer In Head “Execution Style”….

  1. “You can’t make this stuff up folks…. move along, move along…”

    There’s no need to make it up. We have a completely corrupt government, and in that environment, only corrupt people move up to positions of power or influence. You’re going to find this kind of scum throughout our present power structure.

  2. I bet there are countless police departments wanting to hire this guy to be a police officer! He has all the proper qualifications!

  3. This is the kind of story you need to show co-workers, relatives, in-laws and other forms of vegetable matter that have been hypnotized by the MSM.

    Even before smart phones, I have opened my laptop and SHOWED videos and articles to doubting Thomas’s. You have to. Otherwise they won’t believe a word you say. Even then they might think they just had a bad dream.

    Actually, it’s somewhat amusing. Their eyes sink into their skulls. They back peddle. Might catch some drooling action.

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