Bulgarian Government Collapses Amid Mass Protests

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

In a surprise move on Wednesday Prime Minister Borisov officially announced his resignation, saying, “I am unable to witness the blood on the streets. The people put us in power and today we give it back to them.”  His centrist GERB party will not participate in the formation of a new government which leaves many open questions about the political stability of the country.  

Despite the cabinet resignation the violent clashes in Sofia have intensified late on Wednesday as protesters demand the exit of the entire political establishment.

A 36-year-old man set himself on fire in the city of Varna where protests are demanding Mayor Kiril Yordanov’s resignation. Yordanov is currently serving his fourth consecutive term and has held the post since 1999.

What a day.  Not 1 but 2 corrupt governments fell. That’s a good day’s work for the people.  Mot people probably didnt even know they were having huge protests there but they were.  Overshadowed by the likes of Brazil, Turkey and Egypt but never the less successful.  All 4 movements were victorious.  Love it.  -Mort


3 thoughts on “Bulgarian Government Collapses Amid Mass Protests

  1. Is there some kind of propaganda push to create “mass protests” here?

    Getting all the Patriots to converge in one place for a “protest” would be a good way to make ’em all a target for an aerial gas attack. What might be included in the chemtrails’ recipe tomorrow? Cyanide?

    1. Many Bulgarians are here in the US working. Chicago is full of them, as is the rest of the east coast. They’re huge in the trucking business.

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