BUNDY, the True Story — Official

Published on Dec 10, 2016 by Gavin Seim

This is the real story the courts will not let you hear, narrated entirely from inside a jail. All 3 parts HD. Narrated by Ammon Bundy. Produced by Gavin Seim. This was produced at my own expense; to support costs please donate: http://callmegav.com/donate. You can support the Bundy family at: http://paypal.me/carolbundy or http://paypal.me/lbundy.

Clips were provided by Seim and the Bundy Family, goverment records, donated by makers or used under the fair use act, 17 U.S. Code § 107. Please share and tell the world this true story.

6 thoughts on “BUNDY, the True Story — Official

  1. Free the Hammond’s Mr. Frump you shyster hair piece wearing fake.
    If you are for real “Show Me”
    God bless our republic Death to the new world order

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    This is nothing short of a “buzz-word” diatribe,… by Ammon Bundy himself.

    He blabbers on for the entire video, describes in magnitude and detail some of the crimes being committed by these federal agencies, is in jail himself with other members of his family when they committed no crimes,… AND STILL DOES NOT COME TO THE SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS CONCLUSION!!!!,.. WE HAVE NO LEGITIMATE GOVT,… IT IS AN ENEMY-FORCE-IN-OCCUPATION,…. AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF THIS EXCEPT TO CONFRONT THEM WITH THE MOST DEFINITE OF ACTIONS,.. A SHIT FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

    Ammon kept describing how the “Constitution” is suppose to “PROTECT” them from all these Federal Agencies,… instead of acknowledging a simple fact,… the Constitution is only a piece of paper, we have NO gov’t,… and the only way to stop them,.. is to eliminate them, before they eliminate us.

    Well,…. looks like the Bundy’s can sit there in their jail cells, spewing all these euphemisms, incriminations, and fantasies about how the “gov’t” keeps overstepping it bounds (we have NO gov’t),…. and maybe,… on his last day in life, and he draws his last breath it will dawn on him,…. it was his fault for going along with them,…. and being part of what allowed this Zionist-jew-communists to take over our country from within,.. but I doubt it.

    JD – US Marines – It has four legs,… fur, a tail,.. and it meows,.. but it CAN’T be cat!!!! Anything but a cat!!!!


    1. Ahh yes, JD, the old Con-Job-stitution trick again. What did the Chimp call it again? Oh yeah, nothing a G-D piece of paper.

    2. He should have never been taken alive .. and taken as many of them with him before he left..because anything short of that, is exactly where he is today

      RIP Finicum

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