3 thoughts on “BUSTED #2! “Obamacare Call” by PPSIMMONS – This will make your head hurt!

  1. The representative could have made it a lot simpler by saying the POTUS has passed a tyrannical edict which states that you can either buy an overpriced, unaffordable health insurance plan or you can pay your own medical bills and they will still take your money in increasing amounts year after year after year. Oh, and if you should buy their health insurance plan, you will still be paying your medical bills as the yearly deductibles are ludicrous. It’s a lose/lose situation, you either pay high premiums and your own medical bills, or you pay high tax fines and your own medical bills. I would go into the “quality of care” people who enroll will get and the ramifications of the government knowing your personal health information, but that is another mountain of misery!

  2. I have heard fee and fine but never taxed. So what we have here is blackmail or worse of the Supreme Court to lie. First it was considered unconstitutional but then Roberts got snookered and he relented and went it is a tax. Taxes must originate in the House and no tax can exist under the Constitution that is not apportioned. What that means is everyone pays the same amount or rate. This is not the case some would pay a small amount like 99.00 or a greater amount of 1% of your income which ever is greater. So much of the Constitution is violated by this act that it is abominable.

    1. oh and that is why there is no income tax law because it is not apportioned and unconstitutional. Codes and statutes are not law. So ask often Show Me the Law!

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