Cajun Mouse Trap

Cajun Mouse Trap.. You got to see this!!

5 gal bucket with a gal of RV antifreeze dumped in the bottom,plastic bottle with a coat hanger through it and some peanut butter on the middle of the bottle.  

Lean a board up against the side and it works all year without checking it and no smell.


5 thoughts on “Cajun Mouse Trap

    1. You’d have to tape a few Billion dollars onto the bottle. I don’t think peanut butter would work with them.
      . . .

  1. I seen these things work and they do work good. I havn`t seen one for so many years that I have forgotten all about those traps. Gonna have to make another they work so good…. I guess kitty better start doing his job I guess 🙂 . Naw I`ll keep kitty. 🙂 Ex. post Bulldog.

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