California considers asking residents to voluntarily pay tax on every mile they drive

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The California legislator is considering a voluntary program to ‘tax’ every mile residences drive to replace state revenue being lost due to a more frequent use of high miles per gallon vehicles.

The program would reflect similar models used in Washington State and Oregon.

“We want to do as Washington and Oregon have done in a much bigger state with much longer commutes…to make sure that we find out whether it would work, whether the public would like it or not,” Californian Senator Mark DeSaulnier told CBS Los Angeles.  

Desaulnier , when he says “like it or not”, is referring to a mandatory tax on miles driven that would replace the gas tax inside the state. The state of California has placed the blame on the use of hybrid and electric cars for decreasing revenue brought in by the gas tax.

People inside California do not seem to be onboard with the idea.

“I bought a hybrid…one, because of my drive. I’m very opposed. I drive to Brentwood every day from Burbank, and I am already paying more than I should be,” one Californian told KCAL9.

“So if we go on vacation and I drive up to Mammoth, that’s 600 miles. We’re being taxed on vacations?” another resident complained.

Its not yet known how much the tax would cost motorists.

6 thoughts on “California considers asking residents to voluntarily pay tax on every mile they drive

  1. Ahh…….the infamous “voluntary tax” Communist scheme, eventually being made mandatory when enough people stupidly go along with it. Just like the “voluntary” paying of your taxes every year to the IRS. And there’s no better place to start a Communist scheme than the wonderful state of Commiefornia.

    Ugh! 🙄 When will people ever learn?

      1. You can get away with not paying taxes if you are self employed… but this won’t work if you are an employee of a major business.

  2. These legislators in California are so far out of touch – they’ve come around to where they can see themselves again!

  3. Since Texas is so rural and many more miles need to be driven to get to and from work, I wonder if Rick Perry and company think they might be able to get away with something like this. But in California? SOP.

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