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California outlaws all new semi-automatic handguns

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Good old second amendment Tuesdays. The union backed liberal Democratic (Nanny State Party) state Attorney General for California, Kamala Harris release new guidelines on Friday afternoon, right before the weekend.  In case others were not aware, California has 100% liberal union backed democrats in charge of every state-wide office.  They also have a super majority in both the state House and state Senate.  Obviously they have a liberal union backed governor.  Next time the Republicans talk to you about “taking back the white house” ask them “how are you going to take back California?”  They don’t have a clue.    This is one of the bluest states in the union.  And it is the largest state in the Union by population.  

The law California AB 1471,  was signed into law by then Republican (Police State Party) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger requires that all handguns sold must have micro-stamping.   However he made a little “out” that it could not be enforced until the government certified that micro-stamping was available to handgun manufactures.  The government did that on Friday, 17MAY2013.  Now they are not “coming for your guns” because they are smarter than that.  They will just strangle supply until they make all gun owners criminals.  This new law will “take effect immediately.”  How many handgun manufactures make firearms with micro stamping?


Micro-stamping is when they put a small serial number in the gun with the intent to mark the shell casing of semi-automatic hand guns.  It is often on the firing pin, and the barrel.  Of course the firing pin and the barrel are not parts of a handgun that are tracked. And you want to know something else very special.  Guess what they put in the law for law enforcement who as you know is union backed.

Police are Exempt. 

You heard that right.  Law enforcement, the government workers with guns are exempt from this new law.  This is the definition of a police state, when the police have more rights than the citizens.  Thus when purchasing a new gun, you only need to buy a new unmarked firing pin and a new unmarked barrel.  Many people recommend you wipe down any gun that you are looking at and decided not to buy.  Think on this, every piece of brass you fire in the range will have your micro-stamp on it.  Every piece of brass.   In addition to avoid being sued the State of California continued to allow the firearms already being sold to continue to be sold.   Will this help catch criminals.


What this will do is slowly make it more difficult to bring in new firearms into California.  It will impact legal gun owners and gun manufactures.  Since gun manufactures are capitalistic companies, you will most likely see some who will bend a knee to lick the hand that enslaves them and quickly start making handguns that conform to these new ridiculous requirements.  And this is why the Bloomberg crew did this now.  By having California make this requirement they are hoping to impact other states.  They are hoping to impact you.  They are hoping gun manufactures try to figure out how to add this capability and then do not “feel” like making a California version and a “rest of the states” version of their firearms.  They are hoping firearms manufactures simply add this capability to all guns sold.  They will follow this up with other deep blue, death spiral states that will pass similar requirements for this capability.  Eventually this technology will exist in a gun store near you.

The temperature of the water, gets a little warmer for the frog.


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14 Responses to California outlaws all new semi-automatic handguns

  1. Bill says:

    Anyone living in that God forsaken place deserves it. Waiting for the big one to happen….

    • Brandon says:

      You have a small mind sir if you think everyone in California is evil. Many of us love the landscape and the things that the Lord has blessed CA with. Unfortunately, this brought all sorts of scum to rule this great land. It is not practical for everyone to just up and move. Why would you wish death on anyone?

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Hey Bill, the same traitorous NWO scumbags that are trying to kill us in this state have the same agenda GLOBALLY, so you will receive no special dispensation or immunity from them.

      Go suck a chemtrail, moron.

    • diggerdan says:

      Nobody deserves anything even close to that, screw you , bill, f you. Calif. is a part of our great country and they do not deserved this crappy law or any one like it. Get your sh*t together bill, and get your sh*t together.

    • CheckBill says:

      F#@k you Bill. You are not special.

  2. Leester says:

    And it can be erased in 3 seconds with a file. If there is a silver lining to find in things like this, its that these Marxists are, in fact, blithering idiots.

  3. Joe in JT says:

    One of the first things they teach you in bootcamp is how to disassemble your M16 right down to the firering pin. How hard would it be to replace it and micro print the name Joe Shmuckitelli.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      You are missing the forest while staring at the tree. Once you alter the pin, the gun becomes illegal and you become an outlaw.
      End the infringements.

  4. uninformedLuddite says:

    This means that you will have to police ALL of your brass as you don’t want some microstamped brass turning up at a crime scene you were never at.

  5. Joe says:

    This really opens the door to all kinds of incredible mischief. Perhaps the grabbers are hoping that shooters get into armed confrontation over who gets to keep a fired cartridge case.

    Used to be that the lower, or frame, was the registerable part of the “gun”. The other parts are “parts”. Now it’s the firing pin? Firing pins are a lot easier to make than frames. A lathe or CNC mill is ideal, but you could practically make a smooth one with an electric drill and a dremel and a set of calipers. Or buy one.

    Or, go find an EDM service, and micromachine a new pattern on the firing pin, identical to some other brass you picked up.

    Also, firing pins can get “lost”. A person could buy two, and file one into a hemisphere without a stamp?

    I notice they haven’t made it illegal to shoot guns in CA without a stamp. That makes this new law “feel good” for them, and simply annoying to everyone else.

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “What this will do is slowly make it more difficult to bring in new firearms into California. It will impact legal gun owners and gun manufactures.”

    The black market is booming.

    Stop THAT, you traitors!

  7. sean says:

    Check out this pro 2nd amendment dramatic enactment of what live would be like if we give up our rights.

  8. Test Flight Dummy says:

    How to get the ICLEI, anti 2nd, anti cannabis, anti-Constitution, people out of the local city councils across America?

    I can’t find anything yet to get the “constitutional pry-bar” past the insolent oath breakers backed by force and the free s*** army. Our constitutional toolbox is rusty and needs new paint, the tools are missing, some loaned out to trusted betrayal, others stolen by outright fraud , a few have been lost by forgetfulness, in all events, they are missing and need expedited replacement.

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