9 thoughts on “Captions?

      1. Sandra Bullock…


        Why are the ladies throwing down on her so hard.

        Jeez. .
        Settle down.

        Yeah …ya give me enough liquor and a hotel room in Vegas.

        Yeah… I’d bang her…..I mean…him…uhh I mean it.

        Then I’d have to chew my penis off in the morning. ..
        Like a coyote caught in a trap.

  1. Alright.. just for that…

    Your making me hungry.

    So I’mr going to give you my off grid menu tonight.

    T bone steak.
    Don’t worry… I bought it in the bargain meat bin.
    The original price was 20 dollas.

    I’m like who in the fk can afford a mutherfkng t bone for 20 dollas.
    It was only 11 dollas.

    But I had to grill it tonight b4 It tainted and turned green.

    Sauteed yellow squash and zucchini fried in sesame seed oil and butter and seasonings.
    Smothered in bacon bits.

    Garlic smashed potatoes.

    Washed down with more Vodka and Gatorade.

    Then an old man nap after I go into a food coma.

    Gettin hungry yet…?

    Don’t crash my party…man.
    I’m going to the county zoo tomorrow.

  2. What the hell is Jesse James doin marrying that? What, he didn’t know until his wedding night? No wonder the guy cheated on her/him with 25 different women…..

    What a tranny loving dooooofessss!

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