Car Crashes Into VA Hospital In West Roxbury

An elderly driver crashed into the Veterans Administration Hospital. (Photo courtesy: Boston Fire Dept.)CBS Boston

WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – A car crashed into the Veterans Administration Hospital on the VFW Parkway early Friday afternoon.

The Lexus sedan smashed through a wall and into a mechanical room around 12:25 p.m.

There were no serious injuries.   

The driver, described an elderly man, was taken to the hospital’s emergency room to get checked out as a precaution.

A fire official at the scene told WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields the driver hit the gas pedal when he meant to hit the brake while he was attempting to park in a handicapped spot.

His name has not been released yet.

The Lexus was pulled out of the wall and towed away about an hour after the crash.

Authorities said there does not appear to be any serious structural damage to the hospital.

It was originally reported by the fire department that the car had crashed into the emergency room.

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